Divine Mistress Heather


I hope my innocent looks and angelic blonde hair lure you into a dangerously false sense of security. I take immense pleasure from seeing men suffer physically, but it is the weakness of the male mind, easily seduced by my acute feminine charms, that I love to exploit and control.

This website is an expression of true female dominance, through me, your resident Queen of Femme Fatale Films.

Female domination takes on a plethora of individual styles and activities, at the expert hands of the world's most talented Dominatrices and it is that untethered variety which I will always seek to reflect through Femme Fatale Films.

Specialities: CBT, Role Play, Mind Control, Humiliation, Strap-On, Nipple Torment.

Divine Mistress Heather Is Currently Starring In The Following 80 Films:

A Milking Experiment

Anal Employee

Back for More

Ball Splash

Beg For My Arse

Beg For Your Feed

Belittled, Bullied & Busted

Between My Toes

Boot Domination

Boot Reward

Boot Slave

Boot Treat

Boots & Feet

Boots To Adore

Bow Down To My Boots

Breathe My Sex

Chastity Release

Cheating Cock

City Stalker

Cock Gagged Caning

Correction Academy - A Selfish Slave

Correction Academy - Compulsive Wanker

Correction Academy - The Philandering Slave

Countdown to Cum

Day of Reckoning

Dirt Slave Degradation

Domestic Discipline

Double Domme Milking

Double Domme Serving

Doubled Up

Electrifying Cum

Feeding Filth

Feeding Ground

Foot Sucker

Fuck Slut

Glove Pet

Heels & Nylons

Hooked On Heather

Humbled For Heather

Intense For Orgasm

Latex Lick & Worship

Lick & Grind

Lust For Leather

Maid For Fucking

Mind Fuck

Much Ado About Stuffing

Mummified Pet Slave

Never Good Enough

No Party Punishment

Office Apprentice

Painful Attraction

Pathetic Peeper

Pest Control

Pulp & Spit

Punishment Test

Reward or Forfeit

Rubber Reward

Rude Awakening

Seams & Feet

Slave Sustenance

Slut Awakening

Smash Hits

Sniff & Lick

Spittoon Wrap

Stiletto Heel Love

Strap-on Pounding

Suffer For Me

Sweat To Savour

Sweet Feet Treat

The Apprentice Slave Stage One

The Apprentice Slave Stage Three

The Apprentice Slave Stage Two

The Asylum

The Audition

The Cum Board

Tormented Latex Lick

Ungrateful Bitch


Waiting Slaves

Where You Now Belong

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