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Femme Fatale Films is delighted to welcome three new Dommes to the already prolific line up of multi talented and stunningly beautiful Femme Fatales f

Latex Love

BDSM and fetishism have long been attention grabbing themes for a plethora of music videos and the subject of numerous songs. I've seen Velvet Undergr

Famous Foot Love

It's no secret that Quentin Tarantino has a foot fetish. The film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, producer, and actor regularly features

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Foot Sucker

Updated Today with Part 2 Of 3

Featuring Mistress Heather. Mistress Heather's foot slave knows how lucky he is to be one of the chosen few, to be given the great honour of being at her feet when she returns to her city apartment. He waits patiently for her return and after worshipping and licking clean her dirty soles, he refreshes her feet with his tongue, taking care to lick all the sweat from her between her toes. Then it's feeding time...

Part 2 Duration: 5 mins 50 secs Photos: 13

Never Say No - Day Two

Updated Today with Part 3 Of 3

Featuring Mistress Akella. BONUS EXTRA MOVIE - SUPER QUALITY HD UPGRADED VERSION OF AN FFF CLASSIC! No matter how hard the treatment, the slave must remember never to utter the word no. This proves a little difficult when the punishment level is ramped up.

Part 3 Duration: 7 mins 26 secs Photos: 40

Scratch & Sniff

Updated Yesterday with Part 2 Of 4

Featuring Miss Alex. Miss Alex likes to get the most out of her slaves and this movie proves as no exception to that fact! She starts off by making her mark with the slave strapped to the cross, where he must endure an extensive scratching by Miss Alex's finely manicured and vicious long nails. Taking advantage of his discomfort, she gets him down from the cross and sits firmly over his face as he writhes in agony. His reward for such endurance - he gets the honour of worshipping her shoes and hot sweaty feet, freshening them up with his mouth.

Part 2 Duration: 5 mins 16 secs Photos: 10

Fucked and Milked

Updated Yesterday with Part 4 Of 4

Featuring Mistress Carly. BONUS EXTRA MOVIE - SUPER QUALITY HD UPGRADED VERSION OF AN FFF CLASSIC! Mistress Carly has a new mummified sex slave and she intends to use him for her pleasure, but in order for her to get turned on he needs to endure some punishment first. Once she's finished using him, she milks him dry to keep him compliant and leaves him wrapped on the bed for the next time.

Part 4 Duration: 6 mins 39 secs Photos: 18

Scent Of A Domina

Updated 31st Jul 2015 with Part 1 Of 3

Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. Lady Valente loves her fully fashioned stockings and high heels, but she has been on her feet all day in them and her perfect feet need some soothing attention. Her slave is tested with his foot worshipping skills. If he pleases her, he may be offered a permanent position at her feet.

Part 1 Duration: 6 mins 11 secs Photos: 10

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