Our Cbt & Nt Films

Victoria In Furs

Updated 24th Jun 2014 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. The decadent Lady Victoria has trussed up her slave in a hogtie and proceeds to tease him with her sensuous touch, tempered with cruel torments. Venus in Furs is most appropriate as reading material, whilst her slave writhes around in frustration at her side.

Complete Duration: 18 mins 46 secs Photos: 33

Pushed and Sucked

Updated 18th Jun 2014 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Mistress Eleise wants to train her slave to take punishment and relish the pain. To confuse his senses, she employs her cock-sucking slut to fellate the pain slave whilst she whips him into a frenzy.

Complete Duration: 47 mins 38 secs Photos: 29

Mistresses In Control

Updated 22nd Apr 2014 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Anuska, Mistress Athena. A selection of victims find themselves at the mercy of two vicious Mistresses who are completely in control. The first victim has an anal hook inserted and is strung up to the bondage frame whilst the other slaves are dealt with in a variety of ways, one by one.

Complete Duration: 32 mins 10 secs Photos: 26

Sacked & Smothered

Updated 28th Mar 2014 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Naylor. Cocooned in a latex sleepsack the slave is entirely at the mercy of his Mistress. Once his most sensitive parts are revealed, Miss Naylor clamps his nipples and pegs his cock and balls, before deciding to sit firmly over his face in order to keep him quiet.

Complete Duration: 15 mins 27 secs Photos: 16

For Arts Sake

Updated 20th Mar 2014 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Sara Akeera. Mistress Sara Akeera is a fan of contemporary art work and her slave must adopt an artistic role in her presence. She decides to colour him with the creative use of her whips, crop and long fingernails.

Complete Duration: 15 mins 57 secs Photos: 15