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Post-Orgasm Stress in Order

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

It has been described as the ultimate act of nasty domination: draining a slave of semen before he is punished. As the title Post-Orgasm Stress in Order hints, the slave is forced to ejaculate before his lesson begins. There will be no drugs of lust to ease him along, no eroticisation of his position. He will have to endure it all in the cold, hard light of reality. What follows is an intense drill. With very basic examples I show how, as a woman, I have a unique ability to enslave him. It is my birthright. I verbally decimate his ego, play with his mind, and whip him mercilessly. He is physically unrestrained, yet he stays. He is complicit in his own suffering... but why? This is internal enslavement, the subject of the film.

He doesn’t adore me in spite of my cruelty; he adores me because of it. He adores me as I claim my rightful power over him, and he tumbles into sub space. The sentence of 100 lashes is stopped short as I notice the tears silently streaming down his face. He has never cried like this before, glassy-eyed, far away – he struggles to understand what I am saying. His vulnerability is at a peak. I call the scene to an end. The slave literally cannot tell right from left by this point. After the cameras stop rolling, I take him away and whisper words into his naked consciousness, further binding him to me.