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Riding Attendant - Super HD

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Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Attending to Mistress Eleise's riding apparel is an extremely challenging position as she expects the most exacting standards. Mistress Eleise explains exactly how you will perform your duties and what will become of you should you fail in any of your new tasks.

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Scary Fuck - Super HD

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Featuring The Hunteress. There's a simple truth to how The Hunteress keeps herself in such stunning physical shape... she whips her slaves in an athletic fury and anally fucks them with power and pace! After what might appear to be a relatively gentle but deep fingering, she launches her massive appendage up his ass and fucks him so deep and hard that real tears flow from his eyes as he begs for mercy, something he will eventually learn is seldom given by his captor!

Complete Duration: 7 mins 27 secs Photos: 11

Sniffer Licker - Super HD

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Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. The slave's senses of smell, touch and taste are about to be overloaded! Lady Victoria Valente has been wearing her high heels all day and has made them intensely aromatic, so the very second they come off her beautiful feet, they are plunged over his nose and mouth. He is instructed to breath in her scent, deep into his lungs, After the shoe sniffing, she decides to give him the delights of her boot odour, first with the leather knee high boots, then her rubber wellington boots, Once he's overcome with the heady scents from her footwear, she finally allows him to kiss, lick and worship her stocking'd feet.

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Boot Worship Day - Super HD

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Featuring Miss Zoe. The day is Boot Worship Day! But that doesn't mean the slave just gets to slobber all over Miss Zoe's luscious leather knee boots, it means he must beg for the honour, it means he must be patient and it means he must follow her every instruction for that sweet taste of boot! Boots are his life from now on, so the heady aroma of Miss Zoe's well worn leather ankle boots are nestled over his nose, just to make sure his every sense is overwhelmed by her boots.

Complete Duration: 18 mins 11 secs Photos: 14

Boot Polisher - Super HD

Updated 13th Jul 2024 with Photos

Featuring Mistress R'eal. Mistress R'eal unleashes a relentless verbal attack on her slave for not licking her boots to her exacting standards. The slave gets beaten hard with her cane all over his body as she digs in her heels and soaks him in spit.

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