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Humbled For Heather - Super HD

Updated 5th May 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. Mistress Heather has entered her slave into a stretching program. His balls are humbled, taught behind his thighs and a series of dildos are rammed up his ass-hole, each progressively larger than the last. Mistress Heather wants to see how far she can stretch him and considering it was only a few weeks ago that this slave had a problem being fingered, his development under her strict control has been impressively rapid!

Complete Duration: 23 mins 33 secs Photos: 10

Office Ashtray - Super HD

Updated 4th May 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The human ashtray doesn't speak, it simply remains still, collects ash and cleans up after itself. Mistress Eleise likes to smoke in her office but she doesn't like having a filthy ashtray left lying around, so the consumption of her ash is a mandatory duty for her office slaves.

Complete Duration: 7 mins 33 secs Photos: 9

Lust For Leather - Super HD

Updated 3rd May 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. Adorned in sumptuously soft black leather, Mistress Heather wants every inch of it worshipped by her devoted leather loving slave. He is first ordered to sniff the intoxicating scent, before being allowed to kiss and suck on the heels of her thigh length boots. As he works his way up her beautiful boots, he finally gets the ultimate pleasure of kissing the divine Mistress's leather clad bottom. A leather fetishist's delight!

Complete Duration: 14 mins 3 secs Photos: 15

Humbled - Super HD

Updated 2nd May 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Mistress Eleise decides her slave needs to be tested beyond the norm. After a relaxing cigarette, Mistress Eleise instructs her slave to polish her latex with a hands on approach. This gets him very aroused and despite him later being compromised by an evil humbler device, he is milked dry. Immediately after he's cum and with the full condom stuffed into his mouth as a gag, she then fucks him hard with her huge strap-on cock.

Complete Duration: 41 mins 44 secs Photos: 55

Sit Sling Endurance - Super HD

Updated 1st May 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Ella Kros. Ella Kros indulges her sadistic side with a helplessly suspended slave. He must face the flogger, devil's tongue, and cane from all angles, unable to protect himself. His only way out is to play her game, which he will not win if he keeps screaming like that...

Complete Duration: 21 mins 47 secs Photos: 26