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Peeper Punished - Super HD

Updated 2nd May 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Severity Myers. After a hard days work, it's good to peel off your clothes and relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The last thing you need is a dirty pervert peering in at you from the garden. It's not the first time Miss Myers has spotted her neighbour letching at her from outside, so this time she takes the matter in hand and drags him inside to give him a good dressing down.

Complete Duration: 17 mins 33 secs Photos: 44

Getting Caned - Super HD

Updated 1st May 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. I felt that this slave needed a little encouragement to aid his ability to suffer for me, so I mixed up an energy cocktail of my very own to refresh him throughout the experience! He was very eager to drink, which may have had something to do with the fact that I explained how he would be caned hard, for as long as there was liquid in the drip feeder! His frantic sucking on the tube was to no avail though... I made sure he got a good hard thrashing with rapid and relentless strokes, just as he was consuming the final drips!

Complete Duration: 10 mins 6 secs Photos: 12

Making A Good Impression - Super HD

Updated 30th Apr 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Eris. Miss Eris has an incredible ability to push her slaves to take forms of punishment which she enjoys the most, activities which without her guidance and encouragement, her slaves would previously not have been able to endure. Whilst impact play is one of Miss Eris's specialities, what this movie makes ever more apparent is her true manipulative genius, as her slave is all but begging for more of the corporal punishment he so used to hate, as the scene enfolds. It's easy to see why Miss Eris has such a popular following.

Complete Duration: 45 mins 31 secs Photos: 25

Mouth Fuck - Super HD

Updated 29th Apr 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee. The slave is new to cock sucking, so the two Mistresses decide to hurl him in at the deep end with some aggresive cock sucking and gagging. Their ample size appendages are not for beginners, but the tears it brings to his eyes only make the two Dommes break his cock sucking virginity with more brutality.

Complete Duration: 8 mins 6 secs Photos: 12

Tasting The Tail - Super HD

Updated 28th Apr 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Facing your greatest fears is always going to be a challenge - a good measure of character strength. Let Mistress Eleise explore and bring them to the surface, allowing you to bask in the euphoric sense of achievement and relief once conquered. This slave takes on such a journey with the taste of a venomous single tail, expertly wielded by Mistress Eleise. He's a seasoned CP player, but the single tail has previously been a step too far...

Complete Duration: 26 mins 45 secs Photos: 40