How do I apply to be a model for Femme Fatale Films?
Go to the 'Contact Us' section below and click on the drop-down box where it states 'Subject'.  Select 'Model Application' from the drop-down list and complete all the fields as marked with an asterisk.
I have lost my password.
You can retrieve your login details on support pages of our billing agent.
I have problems playing the downloaded movies.
Most modern computer operating systems natively support the MP4 files that our movies come in, including Windows 10 and Mac OS 11.0. On older machines, you may need to install a media player capable of handling MP4s, such as VLC.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Please see the support pages of our billing agent to look up or cancel your subscription.
I have a question not answered above.
For any queries not covered on this help page, please contact us and we'll get back to you as swiftly as possible.

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This section is for personal messages to Mistress Heather. Do not place customer support questions here. If you want to apply as a model, complete the model application form. Do not apply here.

I have no places available for new clients or personal slaves. If a place becomes available, news of it will be posted.

Please note that all messages are filtered by my secretary and any inappropriate messages will be deleted before ever reaching me.

If you've gotten past the caveats in one piece, it's highly likely I'll be interested in what you have to say. Please understand that your correspondence is appreciated, but due to the volume of mail I receive it is not always possible for me to reply.

Very best wishes,
Mistress Heather.

Femme Fatale Films is based in Spain and is the personal empire of Divine Mistress Heather. We film predominantly here or in the UK, however our film crew regularly travel across Europe. We welcome applications from dominant females and submissive males alike.

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