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May brings a whole new selection of incredible movies for your ultimate satisfaction. I guarantee, you will not find better FemDom than that which our

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An incredible array of all action footage from the world's most stunning Femme Fatales, all delivered to our members in full movie, Super HD format, e

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The month of March at Femme Fatale Films brings you the very best in FemDom entertainment, with a huge variety of content and Femme Fatales! Catch a s

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Humiliated Pet Slave - Super HD

Updated Today with Complete Film

Featuring Domina Hades. Domina Hades got tired of beating her slave for his total incompetence, so she decided to transform him into a pet, in the hope he might be more entertaining. Unfortunately he turned out to be a pathetic fat waste of space as a canine too. She makes sure he knows how worthless he is, repeatedly demeaning him and making him perform a variety of humiliating tasks. Domina Hades shows genuine contempt for this slave and as a real life 24/7 slave experience with him, you the viewer get to see real life hatred for a pathetic and useless specimen of a slave by a powerful and beautifully dominant Mistress!

Complete Duration: 8 mins 21 secs Photos: 25

Busted Bare - Super HD

Updated Today with Photos

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee. According to Mistress Lady Renee, the slave needs a good hard ball busting like he's never had before and there's no one better to deliver an extreme ball crushing experience than Mistress Heather and Mistress Lady Renee! His balls are kicked, punched, kneed, slapped and destroyed by the relentless and cruel blows to his manhood. Not for the feint hearted!!!

Photos: 12

Patient Probing - Super HD

Updated Yesterday with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Seductress. The patient is a little nervous, but Nurse Seductress renders him relaxed with her medication. She then sets about probing his vulnerable orifices with various forms of cold steel and hard black rubber.

Complete Duration: 16 mins 5 secs Photos: 19

How Much Can You Take? - Super HD

Updated Yesterday with Photos

Featuring Miss Zoe. Miss Zoe knows exactly how to get you turned on and gasping for an orgasm! Only she has something a little different in mind for you in this masturbation session. First, she wants you to get that pathetic piece of man flesh between your legs nice and hard. The rest will either be a pleasant or very unpleasant surprise, depending on your disposition and your willingness to please your Mistress!

Photos: 11

Sophia's Smoke - Super HD

Updated 15th May 2021 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Sophia Black. You are a very lucky slave, being allowed to watch me smoke. I will blow smoke in your face and you will take my ash, swallow my spit, and eat my lipstick-stained cigarette butt from the bottom of my Gucci boots.

Complete Duration: 4 mins 48 secs Photos: 12

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