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Domina Ghalia - Latest Femme Fatale

Domina Ghalia brings her experience to FFF with a unique Spanish blend of sensual sadism and intense passion. Her debut session for FFF is entitled

Super HD Updates & Making Me Wet!

Let Me Entertain You!

These uncertain times are a concern for all of us across the globe and I hope that you all do your utmost to keep safe and sane. Amidst this deepening

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Dirty Pet Slave

Updated Today with Part 2 Of 2

Featuring Mistress Carly. Mistress Carly considers that her slave resembles a dog, so she hoods him up and starts to humiliate him by making him consume dog food and chase sticks... the humiliation then takes a more sinister turn when she drags her new human pet into public toilets, frequented by gay men. After finding a used condom in one of the urinals, she dumps the cum into her slave's mouth and instructs him to wait patiently in the filthy toilets until she returns with a man who'll fuck him up the arse!

Part 2 Duration: 4 mins 23 secs Photos: 11

Head Fuck - Super HD

Updated Yesterday with Part 2 Of 2

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. I have been teaching this slave to take longer and thicker cocks up his ass hole, but prior to me plunging my appendages deep up inside of him, I wanted him to get a feel for the size of things to cum with his mouth! I didn't want a gentle blow job, but a full deep throat experience and whether he gagged or not, I was determined to get it.

Part 2 Duration: 3 mins 42 secs Photos: 11

Beating Back Tears - Super HD

Updated 7th Aug 2020 with Part 2 Of 2

Featuring The Hunteress. Give the Hunteress an array of vicious whips and an extremely masochistic slave and the enfolding scene is magical to watch for any discerning FemDom enthusiast! This slave can take a huge amount of pain, yet it doesn't take The Hunteress long before he is squealing in agony and desperately trying to hold back tears of pain.

Part 2 Duration: 5 mins 17 secs Photos: 16

In A Predicament - Super HD

Updated 6th Aug 2020 with Complete Film

Featuring Domina Ghalia. Domina Ghalia has her sumptuous soft leather knee boots on and decides to tease and torment her slave in his bondage predicament. She does give him the benefit of copious amounts of her sweet spit to help lubricate his tongue licking. What a lucky leather licker he is!

Complete Duration: 9 mins 29 secs Photos: 12

Cum On My Boots - Super HD

Updated 5th Aug 2020 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. After the slave is given the honour of worshipping his Mistress's leather clad arse, he is instructed to masturbate over her boots. Of course, any mess he might make on them must be thoroughly licked up and that includes any spillage on the floor.

Complete Duration: 6 mins 30 secs Photos: 11

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