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Panty Sniffer - Super HD

Updated 27th Sep 2023 with Photos

Featuring Miss Zoe. When the man servant is caught sniffing Miss Zoe's worn panties she takes decisive action. With genuinely worn panties for this scene, she covers his head in worn and fragrant pantyhose, making sure the sweaty gusset is firmly over his nose and stuffs the worn panties in his mouth. She then decides to put him in one of her dresses and gives him a good hard over the knee spanking. She wants him to remember the humiliation of this day and it's unlikely he'll ever forget!

Photos: 23

Patient Milking - Super HD

Updated 26th Sep 2023 with Photos

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. This is the patient's first visit to Nurse Eleise and he is incredibly nervous. He is in good latex hands though and a thorough inspection is necessary. In addition to stimulating his cock with a vibrator, she inserts a finger deep in his ass hole to massage his prostate, flushes out his urethra with a syringe and then makes him masturbate whilst finger fucking him deep and hard. A collection of his sperm is finally taken for analysis, from this first experimentation session.

Photos: 51

Cleaning Duties - Super HD

Updated 26th Sep 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Deelight. Miss Deelight has exacting standards when it comes to cleaning, whether it's her boots, their soles, or the floor she walks on. In this instance, the slave must clean all the aforementioned and woe betide him if his work is not up to scratch. No surprise, he gets the beating of his life!

Complete Duration: 18 mins 11 secs Photos: 10

Floating Torment - Super HD

Updated 25th Sep 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The slave is trussed up and fully encased in the leather body bag. Suspended from the bondage frame, he is vulnerable to the delicious methods of torment which Mistress Eleise employs. With his nipples exposed, she decides to really test his limits and uses multiple vicious clamps, simultaneously, to cause him absolute agony, yet his devotion to the desires of his cruel Mistress don't allow him to beg for mercy. He suffers acutely and when hot candle wax is dripped with sadistic accuracy onto the eye of his penis, it is clear that his devotion is absolute!

Complete Duration: 29 mins 4 secs Photos: 11

Eager For Ash - Super HD

Updated 25th Sep 2023 with Photos

Featuring The Hunteress. The Hunteress wants to relax whilst smoking a cigarette, so what better time for one of her personal slaves to focus on cleaning her boots, that is in between consuming her ash and spit. He must ensure not to make her boots dirty with a blackened tongue, so swallowing every flick of ash is imperative and of course getting rid of the nasty butt, which serves as his only food for the day!

Photos: 14