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Best Boot Forward - Super HD

Updated 19th Jan 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. A little competition is in order for Mistress Eleise's two boot slaves with a forfeit and a prize. These beautiful boots are worshipped and caressed and kissed, before they are used to ball bust, trample and kick the slaves into absolute submission and obedience.

Complete Duration: 22 mins 10 secs Photos: 25

Anal Employee - Super HD

Updated 18th Jan 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. The male employee has been making suggestive comments to female staff, propositioning them for sex and in particular anal sex. This kind of disgusting behaviour will not be tolerated and he is given a choice by his female superior... he can either leave the job immediately, or take an appropriate punishment to fit his crime.

Complete Duration: 18 mins 25 secs Photos: 11

PA Property 1 - Super HD

Updated 17th Jan 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The male office assistant needs to be shown whom he belongs to. Miss de Lacy makes him well aware of his place in the office: beneath her feet, grovelling on the floor.

Complete Duration: 17 mins 32 secs Photos: 20

Born To Be Smothered - Super HD

Updated 16th Jan 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Fox. Mistress Fox likes little more than smothering a slave's face with her voluptuous and perfect posterior! The slave was ordered to sniff her ass, lick her sweat, smell her cunt and dream of being allowed inside! His unfortunate predicament of being held securely on the bondage rack, meant all he could do was lick and sniff and command, with total control and mercy at Mistress Fox's disposal. The face sitting stool in this scene, allowed for total 'smothercation', something Mistress Fox clearly enjoyed, as she grinded her pussy into his face and relished in his struggle beneath.

Complete Duration: 8 mins 29 secs Photos: 11

Bondage For Bastinado - Super HD

Updated 15th Jan 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring The Hunteress. One of the most painful places to be caned is without doubt the soles of the feet, but when The Hunteress practices bastinado she doesn't just strike the soles, she deliberately hits the top of the feet too... It's the slave's own fault if he decides to writhe around in agony. The more he writhes, the more she strikes, with unnerving accuracy to cause him as much pain as possible, much to her amusement!

Complete Duration: 11 mins 41 secs Photos: 10