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Suck For My Pleasure - Super HD

Updated 11th Dec 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Rubi. Ludy Ruby has a real man to pleasure her, so the day after she's had a wild night of passion with him, in front of her lowly slave, she decides to relive the memories and masturbate, but again only allowing her slave to stay at her feet while she does so. She knows it hurts him psychologically and teases him by playing with herself directly over his face, reminding him of the night before where she made him watch. She reaches orgasm as he sucks on her toes and then wipes her cum juice over his face. He doesn't even get a taste of what he'll never have, after all, it's all about Lady Ruby's pleasure.

Complete Duration: 15 mins 14 secs Photos: 21

Beating Soles - Super HD

Updated 10th Dec 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Deelight, Mistress R'eal. There are few women who genuinely enjoy female domination more than Mistress R'eal! She relishes in her slave's suffering, the more the better, so when it comes to punishing one of the very most tender parts of the body, she is in her absolute element! Coupled with the fact that she has her accomplice in Miss Deelight by her side, you can see the unbridled passion on her face as her three slaves endure a bastinado beating none of them will forget in a hurry! The first part of this session starts with what appears to be a mild bastinado treatment for the first slave, but rest assured, even with the short canes the intense suffering for the slave is still there, however when it comes to the beating of slaves two and three, there is no mistaking the pure intense suffering the two leather ladies put them through!

Complete Duration: 11 mins 8 secs Photos: 11

Mistress's Pain Slut - Super HD

Updated 9th Dec 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Serena. Mistress Serena's pain slut has already been reprogrammed to get turned on and only orgasm whilst in extreme pain, but she has decided to up the ante on his pain thresholds in this session. The slave's balls are sandwiched in the crushing plate and every now and then the pressure increased with a gentle yet cruel twist of the fly screws. His anal passage is filled with a humiliating plug and his nipples, not to be neglected are viciously clamped too. The ordeal really starts to test him when Mistress uses her stiletto heeled boots to jab at his most sensitive parts, but his immobility through bondage means he can do nothing but take the pain of her desire. Finally, his humiliation and this next stage of Mistress Serena's mindfuck training is accomplished when the intensity of his suffering triggers an orgasm, right into his face and open mouth.

Complete Duration: 23 mins 16 secs Photos: 21

Skewering Your Cock & Balls - HD 1080p

Updated 8th Dec 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Natalie Black, Lady Victoria Valente. The slave's cock and balls are exposed through a hole in a trample box and both Mistresses take sadistic pleasure from using their boots to crush, trample and skewer his genitals. His screams of agony do not deter them from inflicting extreme damage. If anything it spurs them on to cause him even more suffering, all muffled by their asses planted firmly over his mouth.

Complete Duration: 5 mins 54 secs Photos: 13

Tube Of Smoke - Super HD

Updated 7th Dec 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Johanna. Mistress Johanna likes to unwind with a cigarette, so it's only right that her slave must smoke her cigarette too. He's been reluctant to accept her smokey exhalations before, so this time she takes that choice away from him, with the use of a straight jacket, sensory deprivation hood and a smoke filled pump-tube feeding directly into his mouth. Plenty of spit, smoke and leather make this a sensuously captivating movie... with Mistress Johanna getting her way, exactly as it should be!

Complete Duration: 12 mins 48 secs Photos: 16