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Muffled Mouth - Super HD

Updated 24th Jun 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Lola Ruin. Mistress Lola Ruin desires her slave to endure more pain, so she controls him through the judicial use of pleasure by way of face-sitting. What slave could resist the intoxication of her scent, face smothered in her perfect bottom?

Complete Duration: 13 mins 2 secs Photos: 17

Off The Wall - Super HD

Updated 23rd Jun 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Akella. Mistress Akella at her very best, this movie highlights just how a real Mistress and slave play at the limits. Mistress Akella has an array of implements on the wall, which she uses in turn with each more severe than the last. The slave is slapped into submission before the real endurance test begins. A must see movie for any purist FemDom fans!

Complete Duration: 25 mins 27 secs Photos: 18

Pegged For Punishment - Super HD

Updated 22nd Jun 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Rebekka Raynor. The bondage wheel is a risky place to be when Mistress Rebekka is in a particularly sadistic mood. After securing her slave to the wheel, she begins by using her sharp talon like nails to dig deep into his cock and balls, slapping them and verbally humiliating him for his pathetic uselessness to her! When the pegs come out and get attached to his most sensitive parts, she squeezes and twists them... to his agony... and her sadistic excitement!

Complete Duration: 12 mins 1 sec Photos: 17

For the Love of Boots - Super HD

Updated 21st Jun 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Ella Kros. Ella Kross toys with her slave, teasing him with her leather boots while punishing him with increasingly heavy canes. In order to take the kind of caning she wants to give him, she allows him to touch and feel her black leather boots in between strokes... if he wants to feel the boots, he needs to feel the cane!

Complete Duration: 14 mins 0 secs Photos: 17

Balls to Bust - Super HD

Updated 20th Jun 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Goddess Aphrodite, Mistress B, Mistress Carly. Mistress Carly and her friends arrive home after a night at Club TG, with a guy who's into ball busting. They are keen to 'drop him' and after some solid kicks to his balls, it's not too long before he goes weak at the knees.

Complete Duration: 12 mins 0 secs Photos: 19