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Dropping The Ball - Super HD

Updated 20th Aug 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Cate Fury, The Hunteress. The slave really dropped the ball when he decided to take off his chastity device, without the permission of his owners. They decide the best way to punish his errant ways is to pummel his balls repeatedly with stiletto heeled high swinging kicks and crunching knees. By the time they're finished with him, there was no chance his chastity device would fit back on his sore and swollen parts!

Complete Duration: 15 mins 17 secs Photos: 31

No More Than You Deserve - Super HD

Updated 19th Aug 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. You've been working here for some time now and I've noticed that you've been staring at me in an obsessive way. It's really quite disturbing, not just for me, but for all the women in this office. It's about time I took control of this matter and that means being in total control of you. I'm going to need to take you in hand and you can start by worshiping my ass. Get a good look at that loser and worship it while you're down there.

Complete Duration: 14 mins 2 secs Photos: 9

Johanna's Bitch Slave - Super HD

Updated 18th Aug 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Johanna. Mistress Johanna in a leather and boot lovers dream session. The lucky slave is first made to kiss her sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots. He must clean the soles, suck the heels and swallow her precious spit, all before his cock is trampled and he is instructed to eat his own cum. Not surprisingly, the slave works up a huge amount of frustration throughout this scene and has copious amounts of his excitement to swallow at the end...

Complete Duration: 19 mins 31 secs Photos: 16

Akeera's Slave - Super HD

Updated 17th Aug 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Sara Akeera. Mistress Sara Akeera simply loves tormenting her slaves with CBT, nipple clamps, face sitting and sounds. Whilst the pain is tough to endure, her slave is compelled to entertain her, a vision of beauty he will do anything for.

Complete Duration: 21 mins 52 secs Photos: 17

Arella's Bad Day - Super HD

Updated 16th Aug 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Arella. A bad day for Mistress Arella means an even worse day for one of her slaves. A good thrashing is just what she needs to exert on her hapless and restrained slave against her dungeon wall. No one can hear his cries, but the more he does, the better she feels!

Complete Duration: 4 mins 21 secs Photos: 18