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Trampled In The Office - HD 1080p

Updated 21st Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Anna Regent. The office employee has been ordered to spend the night beneath her desk, so he is there ready for her to toy with first thing in the morning. She starts off with a full weight trampling in her high heels, then crushes his face beneath her soles. When the shoes eventually come off she smothers his face with her bare feet, then makes him suck and lick between her toes and then tramples him some more. His new life of office humiliation has truly begun!

Complete Duration: 8 mins 1 sec Photos: 17

Serena's Boot Bitch - Super HD

Updated 20th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Serena. If you want to worship Mistress Serena's incredible leather boots, you'll need to work at it and suffer for your indulgence. This slave gets just that honour whilst his nipples and balls get a painful reminder of exactly who is in control. He also gets to appreciate just how much his Mistress relishes in his suffering and gains the opportunity to prove how much is is willing to take for her.

Complete Duration: 27 mins 54 secs Photos: 15

What She Really Wants - HD 1080p

Updated 19th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Mistress Eleise remarks to her slave that she "is not playing right now". Not so unusual to have a slave that is genuinely willing to endure almost any form of punishment in a filmed session, but the rarity here is the fact that his Mistress was genuinely looking to hurt her slave to extract real sadistic pleasure from his suffering. The scene climaxes with Mistress Eleise sincerely telling her victim that the pain and suffering he managed to endure for her, was what she really wanted! The whipping is extreme by anyone's standards, lashing his ass and his back repeatedly, with total disregard for her slave's desperate cries of agony. Dressed in a stunning black leather uniform, with thigh length tailor made leather boots, Mistress Eleise exudes power and control and this session indulges you as a viewer in some very special femdom moments of genuine dominant elation, through cold and calculated sexual sadism.

Complete Duration: 8 mins 47 secs Photos: 15

You Are Beneath Me - Super HD

Updated 18th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Zoe. There you are... all tied up and nowhere to go! You are truly beneath me and I am going to tease and deny you your senses of touch. You can imagine getting up real close to my pussy, but then that's something you will never have. It pleases me to know how frustrated you are beneath me as I run my hands all over my body, my skin tight latex and thigh length leather boots, then gently caress my cunt right above your slobbering face.

Complete Duration: 8 mins 0 secs Photos: 10

Cock Focus - HD 1080p

Updated 17th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Mistress Eleise decides it's time to give her personal slave's cock some attention. Unfortunately for him that attention means trampling, crushing, slapping and tormenting his cock. She begins by crushing his cock beneath her boots and using her heels to dig in deep. She then kicks his cock into submission, before slapping, squeezing and beating it with her leather gloved hands. No pleasure for this slave, the only pleasure gained is a truly sadistic one for his cruel Mistress.

Complete Duration: 6 mins 11 secs Photos: 11