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Smokey Lust - Super HD

Updated 23rd Dec 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Petite. A seductively cruel Mistress Petite with her chastity slave being trained to take her ash, smoke and spit. She explains to him just how much she enjoys having sex whilst smoking and how she needs a human ashtray by her side while she's fucking her real man. For any smoking fetish fans, this is a real petite treat to have you salivating at the screen!

Complete Duration: 9 mins 7 secs Photos: 25

Slave To Feet - Super HD

Updated 22nd Dec 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Goddess Tangent. It's your lucky day slave... you have two beautiful Mistresses with feet in heels that have been trampling and kicking slaves all day. It was genuinely at the end of a hot day when this scene was filmed and our feet were damp and clammy in our stockings. So get down on your knees and put your eager tongue to work, first on the soles, then suck the stiletto heels and then you can have the privilege of sniffing and sucking the sweat from between our toes whilst you wank your pathetic tiny cock.

Complete Duration: 12 mins 15 secs Photos: 13

Anal Inflation - Super HD

Updated 21st Dec 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. Lady Valente needs to stretch her slave's ass-hole so that he can take a good hard fucking with her monster sized strap-on cock. A selection of dildo's, each increasing in size are used on him, before an inflatable plug is inserted and pumped to excruciatingly high levels of inflation. The slave will take whatever Lady Valente inserts up his anus and he will beg for more!

Complete Duration: 21 mins 33 secs Photos: 26

Bondage Buzz - Super HD

Updated 20th Dec 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The slave had previously endured an intense whipping and caning session, so when he was strapped to the cross and Mistress Eleise ran the violet wand over each and every mark, the pain became that much more excruciating for him. On top of the electrical therapy, clamps were attached to his cock, balls and nipples and a mouth ratchet inserted. If you can imagine the searing pain from sharp electrics on clamped cock and nipples, imagine the intensity he later endured with the violet wand pressed to his mouth! Extreme electrics in every sense!

Complete Duration: 24 mins 28 secs Photos: 18

Dilation Training - Super HD

Updated 19th Dec 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. The slave is undergoing an intensive stretching program. I want to change his body, mold it into something I want and that he will always remember. Part of this program involves stretching his urethra with sounds. He has come a long way from the small peep eye his penis had before and now it's time to continue with his treatment. Ever increasing sounds are inserted down his penis until I reach the point that it can stretch no more. I then, stretch it some more! He will be changed, his body is mine and I will do with it as I please.

Complete Duration: 9 mins 32 secs Photos: 13