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Being My Boot Rest - HD 1080p

Updated 27th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The slave loves boots, especially the perfect fitting tailor made thigh boots of Mistress Eleise. This compulsive desire will be used against him though as she teases him, slaps his face hard with her gloved hands and smothers his face with her boobs and then her ass. She wants to get some satisfaction from the encounter, so that means the slave must suffer for her!

Complete Duration: 9 mins 45 secs Photos: 25

Foot Life - Super HD

Updated 26th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Fox. Mistress Fox returns home to her foot slave in training, He has been instructed to wait patiently for her in position by the front door, ready to lick the filth from the soles of her shoes the moment she enters from outside. She then sits comfortably and begins her slave's full shoe and foot training regime, which she has decided will be his life from now on. The soles and and the heels must be licked and sucked until they are sparkling clean. He then gets to remove her stockings before being told to clean between each of her hot and sweaty wet toes.

Complete Duration: 20 mins 12 secs Photos: 15

Whip & Face Slap Extreme - HD 1080p

Updated 25th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Akella. To be Mistress Akella's slave is a challenge for which only the few will be considered. Her exacting standards and her uncompromising desire to push her slaves to the limits are clearly demonstrated in this extreme session footage. If you love stunningly beautiful Dommes, in skin tight sexy red leather, engaging in extremely sadistic session play, then this clip is your ultimate dream come true! The whipping and face slapping are extreme and not for the faint hearted.

Complete Duration: 9 mins 22 secs Photos: 12

Take It In Your Ass - Super HD

Updated 24th Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Johanna. The anal gimp is in the gyno chair and it's time for some extreme ass stretching! A vast array of dildos lie in waiting for him and the anticipation of each one being thrust up his anal cavity makes him shake and groan in fear... Whilst one Mistress plunges the ever increasing sized dildo's deep inside of him at one end, the other fills his mouth with spit. The gyno bondage chair makes escape impossible, so all he can do is take it at both ends and be thankful!

Complete Duration: 13 mins 54 secs Photos: 14

Cry For Me Bitch - HD 1080p

Updated 23rd Nov 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. An extreme corporal punishment movie, with Mistress Eleise's slave being on the receiving end of an intense thrashing with the whip and cane. Mistress Eleise wants her slave to shed genuine tears for her, to push himself beyond his perceived limits and that's exactly what he delivers, albeit involuntary and much to her satisfaction!

Complete Duration: 36 mins 9 secs Photos: 13