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Suck For My Pleasure - Super HD

Updated Today with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Rubi. Ludy Ruby has a real man to pleasure her, so the day after she's had a wild night of passion with him, in front of her lowly slave, she decides to relive the memories and masturbate, but again only allowing her slave to stay at her feet while she does so. She knows it hurts him psychologically and teases him by playing with herself directly over his face, reminding him of the night before where she made him watch. She reaches orgasm as he sucks on her toes and then wipes her cum juice over his face. He doesn't even get a taste of what he'll never have, after all, it's all about Lady Ruby's pleasure.

Complete Duration: 15 mins 14 secs Photos: 21

Cybill's Way - Super HD

Updated Yesterday with Complete Film

Featuring Cybill Troy. The slave guy thought he was going to get a boot worship session, but Cybill Troy decides to make his life a little more challenging. If he wants to lick and suck on her sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, he needs to earn the privilege, do as he's told, endure whatever form of suffering she desires... he'll have to do it Cybill's way!

Complete Duration: 29 mins 22 secs Photos: 26

Foot Slut - Super HD

Updated 20th May 2019 with Part 1 Of 3

Featuring Miss Zoe. You're looking at my club shoes foot slave and the shoes are extremely filthy. You need to give the soles a good scrubbing with your tongue and suck on that vicious heel. Then you will be instructed to sniff my sweaty feet, before you will get your tongue between my toes to lick every drop of sweat from them.

Part 1 Duration: 5 mins 15 secs Photos: 13

Get Ready Cock Sucker - Super HD

Updated 19th May 2019 with Part 2 Of 2

Featuring Goddess Tangent. You need to get real close up to your screen for this one slave, get a good eye full of my big black strap on cock, you know where it needs to go don't you cock sucker, deep down your throat before I pound your ass sore with it. I'll make it easier for you with my spit, so it slides deep down inside of you, that's where it's going slut, so get ready to have your mind and your ass blown!

Part 2 Duration: 5 mins 55 secs Photos: 22

Beating Soles - Super HD

Updated 18th May 2019 with Part 1 Of 2

Featuring Miss Deelight, Mistress R'eal. There are few women who genuinely enjoy female domination more than Mistress R'eal! She relishes in her slave's suffering, the more the better, so when it comes to punishing one of the very most tender parts of the body, she is in her absolute element! Coupled with the fact that she has her accomplice in Miss Deelight by her side, you can see the unbridled passion on her face as her three slaves endure a bastinado beating none of them will forget in a hurry! The first part of this session starts with what appears to be a mild bastinado treatment for the first slave, but rest assured, even with the short canes the intense suffering for the slave is still there, however when it comes to the beating of slaves two and three, there is no mistaking the pure intense suffering the two leather ladies put them through!

Part 1 Duration: 5 mins 34 secs Photos: 11