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Intense Milking - Super HD

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Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. The slave has been enrolled on an intense milking regime by Lady Victoria Valente. This means he will be milked several times a day to exhaustion. She drains him of his energy time and time again and this is his final cum extraction treatment for the day, before it will all start again the next morning.

Complete Duration: 10 mins 30 secs Photos: 14

Inescapable Suffering - HD 1080p

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Featuring Cybill Troy. When Cybill Troy decides to make you suffer, you know it will be intense! She is determined to exact her most brutal punishment on this slave, but his attempts to avoid her cruel intentions only prove to increase the amount of suffering he must endure. Stomping and crushing his cock beneath her boots, whipping and caning his ass, spitting in his face and mouth, are all intensified as she eventually puts him in a wresting hold, wrapping her thigh boots around his neck to stop his flinching! An incredible Cybill Troy session you will not forget!

Photos: 30

Being My Boot Rest - HD 1080p

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Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The slave loves boots, especially the perfect fitting tailor made thigh boots of Mistress Eleise. This compulsive desire will be used against him though as she teases him, slaps his face hard with her gloved hands and smothers his face with her boobs and then her ass. She wants to get some satisfaction from the encounter, so that means the slave must suffer for her!

Complete Duration: 9 mins 45 secs Photos: 25

Foot & Ass Licker - HD 1080p

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Featuring Mistress Lola Ruin. A kiss on the most perfect posterior does not come easy! Mistress Lola demands that her slave earn the great privilege by pampering her every desire. She wants her feet worshipped and her toes sucked and kissed, all after a long hot and sweaty day at work, this before she allows her slave to bury his face between her ass cheeks.

Photos: 15

Ruined Ass - Super HD

Updated 26th Nov 2023 with Photos

Featuring Lady Mia Harrington. It's quite something to behold the way Lady Mia Harrington gets her new slave to take an enormous strap-on cock for her, when clearly he is a little worried about the size of this task! What starts as gentle encouragement though, soon becomes a good hard fucking once she gets deep inside of him... there's no turning back for this slave as Lady Mia sets about ruining his asshole with her monster cock.

Photos: 15