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Mistress Jenna - Punish them with Beauty

By Divine Mistress Heather

Mistress Jenna has a powerful presence. Standing only in a military cap, thigh-boots, and strap-on, she was completely unselfconscious, yet completely self-aware. She had full ownership of her body and used it to extend her ownership over every male who gazed upon her.

I love a confident and knowing woman, and I loved watching Mistress Jenna use her beauty and intelligence to bring not one, but three slaves to their knees. There was nothing they could deny her. She beat them, indulged herself in some painful nipple torment and CBT at their expense, used them as ashtrays and receptacles for her Champagne, made them beg for her strap-on, and had them crawling on the floor, desperate to worship her however she commanded.