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The House of Rubber Wrongness Part 2; Lady Sophia Black

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Having had only one day to recover from the London Fetish Weekend’s fashion extravaganza, I pried myself from my serviced apartment in Gloucester Road (an absolute steal, just be sure to request one on an upper floor with balconies) to make my way to the House of Rubber Wrongness. When I gave my driver the address he said, “Oh, at the MTV studios. Are you a musician?” I assured him I was not; I was a decent lady who happened to be visiting a friend in the area of the studios. I was tempted to brandish at him the dildo I had in my valise as I said this, but I figured the humour might be lost on him, so I behaved myself for the time being.

The day began with scenes featuring our new star, Lady Sophia Black. Once again, I was thrilled by her creativity and electric presence. The young slave who attended to her as whipping boy, as well as during one of her signature smoking fetish scenes, summed it up well when he said that she was one of the only Mistresses he’d met who scared him, genuinely scared him. In the next breath he also said it was his favourite day of play, ever. Talk about a lad with the right spirit! Here’s a small sample of Lady Sophia being her astounding self.