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The House of Rubber Wrongness Part 3; Mistress Ezada Sinn

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Our numbers grew as we were joined by Mistress Ezada Sinn, who was accompanied by her charming French slave, L. The thing which first struck me about Mistress Ezada was her intelligence. Aside from being multilingual, her philosophical and psychological approach to BDSM is very deep, as well as unusual. I recommend you read her website to see for yourself. 

As a Romanian lady and star of OWK films, she has that certain something which women from that part of the world have, whilst retaining her own sparkling originality. A simple distillation would be to say that she is the sort of woman who can lay on 300 strokes of a single tail with great passion, but no hatred. There is a seductive warmth and sophisticated civility beneath, but one you would certainly never want to test the limits of. Aside from these deeper assets, she is also an incredible natural beauty with the sort of classical appearance so many admire. I couldn’t have been more impressed and hope to forge a long-term friendship with her, featuring her again as our travels permit.