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The House of Rubber Wrongness Part 4; Lady Lola

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

I could say Lady Lola is my apprentice, but that would be grossly misleading. Yes, she is now available in session with me (there will be a separate entry on this soon in my diary), but she has been on the fetish scene for a long time, with extensive social ties and having been a regular fetish performer for years. Our collaboration is more an introduction for her to the machinery of professional domination, i.e., the business aspects. She is a natural dominant and beautifully creative, needing no tutelage in those areas which, to be honest, can never truly be taught or learned.

Lady Lola has skills which are rare among even the most experienced dominatrices. She is an expert in fire play, and is also a classically trained ballerina. As one who is obsessed by ballet, I couldn’t resist featuring Lola's talent. What resulted was something very special, a most feminine, elegant, yet brutal trampling in pointe shoes. For those of you aren’t so familiar with ballet, pointe shoes are not soft little satin slippers. Inside is hidden what is known as the block. It is very hard, to protect and support the dancer’s foot. When Lady Lola tapped it against the floor to warn her tramplee of what he was to face, that little tap rang out like a gunshot. Assisted by Lady Sophia, she mounted his back feet-first. Rising in elevé, the pressure (and the slave’s pain) increased accordingly. Still, this was not enough for our Lady Lola. She kicked and drove her powerful feet into the slave’s ribs until he was brutally marked.

An unexpected highlight for me was the shoe cleaning. The slave was forced to eat the dirt from both ladies’ beautiful footwear. This included a lone sequin, a relic of one of Lady Lola’s performances. The withering tone with which Lady Sophia issued the single word, disgusting, was the icing on the cake.