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The House of Rubber Wrongness Part 5; I Get My Kicks

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Of course, I wouldn’t be satisfied with just watching. Lady Sophia and I had previously discussed doing a ballbusting scene together, and I was very excited about this. Our enjoyment of ballbusting - using our beautiful, feminine shoes and feet to inflict suffering upon the very centre of maleness and that problematic hormone, testosterone – is both vital and vicious.

Despite the savagery all comers knew would be involved, we had no shortage of volunteers. Lady Sophia and I selected a slave known to both of us. He had always been reliable and is known in the UK ballbusting scene as “iron balls” for good reason. Honestly, he was the only one I thought could take it. Well, even he lost his nerve, cancelling the day before the shoot.

Fortunately, this revealed itself to be a case of "one door shuts so another may open", as something unexpected and wonderful happened. Slave I, whose only hard limit was ballbusting, stepped forward. I am always very moved when a slave feels that in my presence he can overcome what were his preconceived limits. I am sure that the proximity of the beautiful and imperative Lady Sophia only aided his personal growth in this regard.

Following on from that high, the evening reached its completion in a rubber bondage scene with the exquisitely wicked Lady Lola. I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves. It was a long, mad day. By the end of the evening the penthouse looked like a nuclear bomb of perversion had hit it. There were whips strewn everywhere, pools of sweat, piles of rubber and rope, a mysterious pair of pretty leather gloves which seemed to have appeared from nowhere... and one very spent Mistress, namely me. I would like extend my thanks to all of the ladies for their masterful (Mistressful!) work, to the slaves for their delightful suffering, and to Sir S for being the most generous of hosts.