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Ms Ella Kros - The Feline Femme Fatale

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Ms Ella Kros, is like a Bond film villainess; multi-lingual, cunning, and stunningly beautiful, her femininity is fierce and feline. Her voice purrs softly as she toys with her slaves, like a cat with a mouse. You listen with rapt attention to each susurration of her beautiful accent as she peels your layers away. Relentless and cruel, she smiles softly, angelically through your suffering. Ms Kros is not a stereotypical dominatrix by any means. She draws you in slowly, until you awaken somewhere expected, completely under her control and wanting more.

Below you'll see from photos taken from the films she recorded whilst visiting us in London. Such beautiful cruelty! Some of the highlights for me were the vicious ball kicks she delivered with the pointed toes of her stiletto heels; the bastinado which wouldn't end until the slave could control his screaming; the extended face-sitting scene interspersed with worshipful kisses to her perfect bottom; the way she used a slave's fetish against him, teasing him with her leather boots while beating him with increasingly heavy canes; and the cool, calculating destruction of a slave through hand slaps alone. Right hand, left hand, back hand, spitting on his face to make it sting more, then increasing the pain again through the application of rubber gloves - her deliberate and focused attack was spellbinding to behold.

From the photos below, can you guess which scenario will capture your mind above all others?