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Merciless Mistress Suki

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

This month, Femme Fatale welcomes Mistress Suki - and in her debut film, No-Mercy Mistress, Mistress Suki shows exactly what makes her a Femme Fatale: her complete lack of mercy for the man in her trap. His pathetic pleas for help were met with blow upon blow as he was brutalised from top to bottom. Mistress Suki luxuriated in his suffering as she used him as an ashtray, spittoon, and target for an endless stream of face slaps, whip lashes, and bastinado... 

In Bedbound, Mistress Suki explores a fantasy scenario. Have you ever imagined being tied to bed by your girlfriend, perhaps even abandoned there? As the time ticked away, you might wonder what your lady is doing and how it may affect her mood, the mood you will ultimately be faced with when she walks back through the door. Well, Suki’s had a bad day at the office, so it’s bad news for the boyfriend. There won’t be any sexy tie and tease for him. He’ll be forced to smell the shoes and stockings that she’s had on all day, while she mauls his nipples and genitals with a lot of clamps and even more malice. Welcome home, Miss Suki!