Mistress Lola Ruin

Glamorous, educated, feminine and sophisticated, Mistress Lola Ruin is the epitome of the femme fatale... Her personal love of the finest latex, exquisite lingerie and impossibly high heels is always evidenced in Her immaculate appearance, and as a 1940s vintage aficionado She is always perfectly turned out with flawlessly curled scarlet hair, winged eyeliner framing Her mesmerising blue eyes, half-moon manicured nails and a slick of Her signature red lipstick. University educated in Psychology, Mistress Lola is equally intelligent as She is strikingly beautiful.

Mistress Lola Ruin Is Currently Starring In The Following 6 Films:

Dirty Ashtray - Super HD

Don't Lie To Lola - Super HD

Earn Your Ass Kiss - Super HD

Foot & Ass Licker - HD 1080p

Impertinence Punished - Super HD

Muffled Mouth - Super HD

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