Mistress Johanna

Beauty and dominance is personified in Mistress Johanna. One look from her sultry sexy eyes and you will likely be entranced forever. She possesses a rare and genuine talent to enslave both mind and body and with a wealth of experience in controlling the weaker male psyche, she knows exactly how to bend you to her will and mould you into one of her play things.
Specialities: Bondage, Medical, CBT, Nipple Torment, Whipping

Mistress Johanna Is Currently Starring In The Following 23 Films:

Carpet Slave - Super HD

Cumsumption - Super HD

Dance To The Whip - Super HD

Deep & Hard - Super HD

Double Caning - Super HD

Foot Gift - Super HD

His Comeuppance - Super HD

Johanna's Bitch Slave - Super HD

My Human Pet - Super HD

Out Of The Box - Super HD

Overcum - Super HD

Passion For Feet - Super HD

Pet Slave - Super HD

Ramming It In - Super HD

Roped In - Super HD

Smothered & Ruined - Super HD

Suffer For Sucking - Super HD

Take It For Me - Super HD

Take It In Your Ass - Super HD

Taste The Bullwhip _ Super HD

The Heretics Fork - Super HD

Throbbing - Super HD

Tube Of Smoke - Super HD

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