Mistress Lady Renee

A firm believer in Female Supremacy and a strict enforcer of FemDom Protocol, Mistress Lady Renee will have you trembling before her and craving for her attention. Towering high in her six inch heels, she stands a very intimidating 6ft 4 inches tall (195cm)! Her naturally dominant demeanour and sharp witted tongue make her a real Femme Fatale Force to be reckoned with.
Specialities: Strap-on, Anal Play, Bondage, Psychological Domination

Mistress Lady Renee Is Currently Starring In The Following 16 Films:

Anal Monsters

Ball Squishing

Beneath Her Feet

Butler Maid Bi

Cigar Ash & Spit

Foot Suck & Wank

Lashed Man Standing

Little Sissy

Mouth Fuck

Rip It Up

Strapped Down

The Experimentation Room

Tiny Little Prick

Toilet Licker

Under Her Heels

Up Against The Wall

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