The Hunteress

Being a composed, self-assured, dominant female is as natural to Miss Hunter as drinking water or breathing air. There's no point trying to escape or forget about her once you've been captured. How can you rid yourself of something that is ingrained into your psyche? The answer is you can't, and you'd be a fool to try.
Specialities: Traditional CP and Judicial Punishment, Role-play, PT

The Hunteress Is Currently Starring In The Following 30 Films:

A Job Well Done


All The Way In

Blasted Balls


Caught 'n' Caned

Chastity Break

Clean My Boots

Disappearing Sounds

Driving the Message Home

Dropping The Ball

Face Cum

Foot Focus

Foot Workout

High Standards

Lust In Latex

Military Drilling

Military Exercise

Over My Knee

Over The Knee

Painfully Late

Peg Frenzy

Pegging Pay Rise

Prisoner Cell Block Hunter

Slave Directions

Slave Interview

Spiked Masturbation

The Truth Hurts

Tongue For Boots

Willing to Please

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