Mistress Yuliya Kate

Having a solid philosophical and psychological background allows Ms Yuliya Kate to create a safe and unique experience for all players. In her sessions, she aims to deeply connect and dominate you on subtle emotional and intellectual level. In Mistress Yuliya's practice the fetish play - the domination-submission dynamics - are there to entertain non-ordinary possibilities, to provoke and liberate trapped sexual energies.
Specialities: Face Sitting, Foot Worship, Strap-on, Sensation Play

Mistress Yuliya Kate Is Currently Starring In The Following 7 Films:

Human Cushion - Super HD

Leather Facesitting - Super HD

Leather Love - Super HD

Lick My Louboutins - Super HD

Slave Day - Super HD

Slave On-Call - Super HD

Yuliya's Offering

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