Our Foot Fetish Films

From The Bottom To The Top - Super HD

Updated 13th Apr 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Nikky French. Mistress Nikky French with a genuine display of leather fetish love, but not just from her devoted slave... it's clear from the passionate way she caresses her second skin that leather is close to Mistress Nikky French's heart too. In skin tight leather pants and lovingly well worn knee boots, she instructs her slave to kiss and lick them as if this day were his last. When his tongue is lapped dry, she spits in his mouth and demands that he worship her boots from top to bottom and then smothers his face with her perfect leather covered ass cheeks.

Complete Duration: 20 mins 18 secs Photos: 23

Four Heel Fury - Super HD

Updated 11th Apr 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Lady Mia Harrington. The menial kitchen duties are left to the menial slaves, however when not done to the Mistress's exacting standards, they must suffer the consequences... in this instance it means double heel trampling, humiliation, face sit smothering, spitting and a thorough verbal dressing down.

Complete Duration: 8 mins 4 secs Photos: 12

I Don't Like Mondays - Super HD

Updated 10th Apr 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Akella. Mistress Akella harbours a hatred for Mondays... so a stress toy slave is required on whom she can release her pent up anger. He does little to appease her at first with a pathetic attempt at worshipping her boots, so when she finally unleashes her frustrations on him, it's an even worse day for the hapless slave!

Complete Duration: 16 mins 55 secs Photos: 23

Filthy Foot Licker - Super HD

Updated 6th Apr 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Goddess Pandora. Goddess Pandora knows exactly how to put her slaves in their place. She verbally rips into her slave, making him crawl at her feet, making him lick the dirt from her shoes and the sweat from between her toes. She then tramples all over his head and body, both in her high heel shoes and barefoot. Degraded and humiliated she gets the best out of her pathetic slave whilst successfully making him feel worthless.

Complete Duration: 33 mins 36 secs Photos: 21

Beneath My Cunt - Super HD

Updated 4th Apr 2023 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. It was a very hot and sweaty day when I put this slave through his paces, so being adorned in sexy black skin tight latex only proved to make the sweat drip that much more from my body, directly into his mouth. I decided that in order to get him fully addicted to me, he needed to taste and savour the sweet cocktail of cunt juice, spit and sweat that oozed from my crotch. Sitting firmly over his face and immobile from his cling wrap mummification, he had no choice other than to consume my delicious natural nectar. Combined with the heady aroma from my perfect peds, fresh from the heels I'd been wearing all day, the slave was naturally overcome and helplessly pledged to be mine, forever.

Complete Duration: 17 mins 27 secs Photos: 17