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Scary Fuck - Super HD

Updated Today with Complete Film

Featuring The Hunteress. There's a simple truth to how The Hunteress keeps herself in such stunning physical shape... she whips her slaves in an athletic fury and anally fucks them with power and pace! After what might appear to be a relatively gentle but deep fingering, she launches her massive appendage up his ass and fucks him so deep and hard that real tears flow from his eyes as he begs for mercy, something he will eventually learn is seldom given by his captor!

Complete Duration: 7 mins 27 secs Photos: 11

Take It Hard - Super HD

Updated 1st Jul 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Ms Nikki. It's time for Ms Nikki to expand her slave's anal horizons! He's not used to getting fucked in this way and his squeals and moans only server to heighten Ms Nikki's pleasure and the intensity of her thrusts, plunging the fat strap-on cock deeper and deeper into his tight little ass hole.

Complete Duration: 10 mins 20 secs Photos: 14

Extreme Anal - Super HD

Updated 17th Jun 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Mistress Eleise is training her chastity slave to orgasm only whilst being fucked anally with ever-increasing sizes of plugs and dildos.

Complete Duration: 25 mins 24 secs Photos: 35

The Trial Of A Slave

Updated 7th Jun 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. This is not a commercial film. It was made for the amusement of the Mistress and as a training reference for the slave. It will give you a unique glimpse into the trial of a slave over the course of several days, shot in a remote dungeon in the heart of England, the action is intense and covers a wide range of extremely challenging activities!

Complete Duration: 151 mins 33 secs Photos: 52

Humbled For Heather - Super HD

Updated 5th May 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. Mistress Heather has entered her slave into a stretching program. His balls are humbled, taught behind his thighs and a series of dildos are rammed up his ass-hole, each progressively larger than the last. Mistress Heather wants to see how far she can stretch him and considering it was only a few weeks ago that this slave had a problem being fingered, his development under her strict control has been impressively rapid!

Complete Duration: 23 mins 33 secs Photos: 10