Our Smoking Fetish Films

Smoke Training - Super HD

Updated 12th May 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. If you're going to be in my presence, you'd better make yourself useful. Open your mouth and get ready to swallow my ash and inhale my second hand smoke, and when I'm done with my cigarette, you can lick the soles of my shoes and suck the heel clean.

Complete Duration: 15 mins 0 secs Photos: 27

Foot Feeding

Updated 25th Apr 2017 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. Lady Valente has decided that from now on her in-training foot slave will eat all his meals from her feet, but only after the food has been squashed and stomped between her toes and crushed beneath the balls of her feet. Of course he doesn't just get conventional food... his new diet is enriched with a little saliva and a generous peppering of cigarette ash.

Complete Duration: 16 mins 0 secs Photos: 10

Trampling The Ashtray

Updated 4th Sep 2016 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. Lady Valente relaxes whilst enjoying a cigarette, with her slave beneath eating her ash and drinking her delicious spit. It's only fitting that the creature beneath that consumed her cigarette end, gets crushed beneath her killer heels. She grinds her heels into his cock and balls and uses her full weight to make her stiletto imprint all over his body.

Complete Duration: 13 mins 22 secs Photos: 18