Our Humiliation Films

Party Preparations - Super HD

Updated 6th Feb 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Rebekka Raynor. In preparation for a night out with her lady friends, Mistress Rebekka puts her two slave attendants to work: one to carefully dress her, and one to serve as furniture. The slave charged with putting on her delicate stockings must not touch her skin, a near impossible task which seems destined to end in punishment.

Complete Duration: 32 mins 44 secs Photos: 22

Office Ashtray - Super HD

Updated 26th Jan 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. The human ashtray doesn't speak, it simply remains still, collects ash and cleans up after itself. Mistress Eleise likes to smoke in her office but she doesn't like having a filthy ashtray left lying around, so the consumption of her ash is a mandatory duty for her office slaves.

Complete Duration: 7 mins 33 secs Photos: 9

The Boss's Pet - Super HD

Updated 15th Jan 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Zoe. Zoe has had enough of her boss's arrogance, so she decides to take control of the situation. A little blackmail can go a long way and her ex-boss has some private humiliation to endure if he wants to avoid it in public. She knows he's been fiddling the accounts and uses this information to get exactly what she wants from him. She starts with the humiliating task of him kissing and worshiping her high heeled shoes and feet, that is after she's made him strip naked in front of her. She smacks his ass whilst his nose is embedded deep in one of her sweaty shoes, then commands him to literally worship the ground she walks on! She finishes him off by spanking him with her shoes and a good hard thrashing with his very own belt.

Complete Duration: 22 mins 40 secs Photos: 42

Loosen Up - Super HD

Updated 14th Jan 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. I decided a while ago that this slave needed to be able to take more up his rectum, so I have conducted a series of anal stretching sessions using increasingly sized dildos and plugs. This footage shows my slave now at an advanced stage, taking several large sized dildos, including an inflatable plug. It clearly stills causes him some considerable discomfort, but then that just adds my pleasure to the stretching program he finds himself under.

Complete Duration: 23 mins 35 secs Photos: 11

Strap-on Treat - Super HD

Updated 11th Jan 2022 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. You are going to follow my instructions very carefully. By the time I've finished with you, you will be my cock-sucking anal bitch.

Complete Duration: 11 mins 41 secs Photos: 11