Our Humiliation Films

Drink Up!

Updated 14th Mar 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Carly. Mistress Carly has suspended her slave by his ankles and proceeds to tug and pinch at his cock and balls with the aid of medical clamps, a pinwheel and finger scratcher. Once she feels he's suffered enough she allows him to come into a funnel, which has a tube attached feeding to his mouth... drink up slave!

Complete Duration: 11 mins 55 secs Photos: 10

Office Balls - Super HD

Updated 13th Mar 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Miss Zoe. The office boy is caught red handed with a porn mag, so gets a kicking he will not forget. Miss Zoe employs some ingenious new ways of pummeling his manhood! Ball busting prowess from an expert ball buster!

Complete Duration: 14 mins 51 secs Photos: 19

Double Dildo Degredation - Super HD

Updated 11th Mar 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, The Hunteress. The dirty fuck slut slave needed a good hard fucking up with the biggest strap-on cocks we owned - so after making him gag on both our cocks, he was flung over the fuck bench and penetrated deep and hard with no mercy given for his screams of agony! From one cock to mouth to another monster cock, he really got what was coming to him!

Complete Duration: 9 mins 8 secs Photos: 21

Nasty Shoes - Super HD

Updated 10th Mar 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Arella. The office repairman gets caught staring at Arella from beneath her desk and soon gets a face full of what he's been looking at, in a fashion that's too close for any kind of comfort. Face sitting, face slapping, spitting, trampling and humiliation, all become part of this hapless guys unfortunate day!

Complete Duration: 23 mins 19 secs Photos: 73

Bone Idle Busting - Super HD

Updated 6th Mar 2024 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. One of my house slaves was under the impression he could slope off and steal a cigarette break without consequence. He was mistaken... when I found him relaxing on a secluded tower terrace his break came to an abrupt end! His balls took the brunt of my anger, punching, slapping, kneeing and kicking them as hard as I could until he fell in a pathetic and moaning heap on the floor. This is extreme ball busting by anyone's imagination, with the slave suffering blow after agonizing blow, leaving a brutal impression on his mind and body for some considerable time!

Complete Duration: 10 mins 46 secs Photos: 14