Our Humiliation Films

Head Fuck - Super HD

Updated 14th Aug 2020 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather. I have been teaching this slave to take longer and thicker cocks up his ass hole, but prior to me plunging my appendages deep up inside of him, I wanted him to get a feel for the size of things to cum with his mouth! I didn't want a gentle blow job, but a full deep throat experience and whether he gagged or not, I was determined to get it.

Complete Duration: 7 mins 27 secs Photos: 11

Vixen's Victim - Super HD

Updated 20th Apr 2020 with Complete Film

Featuring Mistress Vixen. Mistress Vixen makes a very welcome return to FFF with this, the first of many new and exclusive Vixen movies for members to feast their eyes on! Mistress Vixen's victim gets a very special taste of her exemplary skills with the whip and flogger and gets his balls well and truly busted with brutal kicks, after knees, after kicks... but then a Vixen movie wouldn't be a Vixen movie if the slave wasn't left screaming and begging for mercy at the end!

Complete Duration: 17 mins 11 secs Photos: 26

Punishment Fucking - Super HD

Updated 5th Apr 2020 with Complete Film

Featuring The Hunteress. The resident gardener was sitting on the job, drinking beer and enjoying the sunshine... that is until his Mistress appeared on the scene and made sure he wouldn't be sitting down again for some considerable time! She was about to go into a session when she chanced upon him and so decided to fuck him hard and fast with her big black cock, out in the open and over the garden wall. A thorough job in humiliation, punishment and suffering with no lube to ease his pain!

Complete Duration: 4 mins 2 secs Photos: 13

Cumsumption - Super HD

Updated 1st Mar 2020 with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Johanna. Repeatedly, this slave can't seem to contain his orgasms and despite informing him that every time he cums without permission, it will be ruined and he will be made to eat his own filthy mess, he just can't stop himself. I suspect his early orgasm may have had something to do with the industrial strength vibrator positioned firmly on the head of his penis, but control is something all slaves must learn. I fear this one may have a whole lot more cum to swallow before he ever gets there!

Complete Duration: 3 mins 50 secs Photos: 12

Super Dry - Super HD

Updated 3rd Feb 2020 with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. This slave is in CBT training... he must enjoy the milking experience with sudden bursts of extreme pain, lovingly dished out at the gloved hands of Lady Victoria Valente! She milks his cock repeatedly, between bursts of excruciating ball squeezing and cock and ball slapping. He has no choice but to endure the suffering along with the pleasure and before too long the entire experience will become his addiction.

Complete Duration: 12 mins 54 secs Photos: 10