Communique from the Hunteress's HQ

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

A DAY TO REMEMBER - 11th November 2012

The Hunteress and Lady Bellatrix are now recruiting.

We are holding a one-off boot camp event at a secret location in the West Midlands on November 11, 2012. It is our intention to challenge the limits of even the most hardened masochists as we endeavour to push our subjects beyond the safety net of their mundane lives.

Once you enter the confines of our secluded facility, you will be detained and stripped of more than just your pride. Using interrogation techniques and extreme forms of psychological warfare we will exert our authority over anyone who dares to defy us.
While we systematically victimise you, making you feel degraded and humiliated, you will be put through the most gruelling endurance test imaginable. Quite simply, we will use whatever methods we see fit to reform and correct the insubordinate behaviour of our prisoners.

Purely out of intimidation, you will be frozen with fear as you desperately try to anticipate our next move. Whether you’re bound, hooded and gagged, or put into solitary confinement, your every move will be scrutinised under our command. When you are met with our formidable presence will you scream with fear, or will you be riveted to the spot in sheer terror as you secretly pray for leniency?

You may wonder how can two feminine beauties employ such brute force but the real question is… are you man enough?

To attend this special one off-event, a non-refundable fee will be required, payable in advance. Places are limited, so ensure that you apply via this form as soon as possible.


Mistress Darcy and the London Domina Party, October 9

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

New York-based international dominatrix Mistress Darcy has posted a notice regarding a London party she will be attending with Mistress Absolute,  Goddess Cleo, and Femme Fatale Miss Kitty Bliss. You can read about it below, in Mistress Darcy's words.

My friends Goddess Cleo and Kitty Bliss started putting together their own private Domina Parties in London a few years ago and have had such enormous success that the parties are now a staple of the London ProDomme scene. Ideal for beginners, exhibitionists, and slaves who want an extended session but don't have the budget for it, these parties usually take place in London in a domestic environment (sometimes a dungeon) and have at minimum three Mistresses and sometimes as many as five or six. The slave attendance is kept low to ensure that all guests get adequate attention--with only about six to twelve submissives in the room you are bound to be picked on! All the Mistresses involved have a very "good vibe" and create a friendly, positive, and professional playspace, but because each Mistress is also intelligent, cruel, and mischievous you are guaranteed to have your boundaries pushed *just enough*.

I'm very excited to attend my first of one of these parties on October 9. Kitty and Cleo have organized a very special evening at the Hoxton Dungeon featuring myself, Kitty, Cleo and Mistress Absolute (the event caps off the events at the London Fetish Weekend, also organized by Mistress Absolute). Arrival is at 7pm, food and drinks will be provided, and with a VIP guest list of only eight slaves it will be a two-to-one ratio of slave to Mistress. I like those odds! As of this writing there are only three slots left so you should make arrangements ASAP to be a part of things. The ticket price is £300 including a deposit of £100 upfront, and there are only two rules: be respectful and have fun!

The evening of the 9th doesn't have a particular theme, but if you are unfamiliar with the four of us A) you had better fix that B) I will list our top interests and you can fill in the rest with your imagination. Mistress Absolute is a lifelong dominant and alpha female who is world renowned for her intelligence; confident, commanding presence; and mastery of all things D/s. Cleo is an award-winning equestrienne and gracefully jaunts between the sensual and the sadistic. Kitty enjoys a wide range of Femdom activities and despite her angelic appearance is a strict disciplinarian. And then there's me. Quite simply: I want to f*** you up. Mentally, emotionally, sexually. My inner bully comes out when there's a crowd, so I have a feeling whoever has the misfortune of walking through the door at the beginning of the evening will face one of the most devastating tears of public humiliation they've ever imagined. There may also be a few guest Mistresses popping in for a few minutes to assess the slaves who are present. This sort of thing is not guaranteed, nor am I allowed to give clues as to who they might be, but I know it does happen on a regular basis. In addition all four of us enjoy foot worship and trampling, so you can be sure you will be giving foot massages at some point in the evening.

Email me asap to inquire about attendance at The event begins at 6:30pm in East Central London (Hoxton) and will go until about 10pm. There are currently only three places left for party guests at £300 each and one service position available for a reduced rate of £150. Looking forward to beating you. I mean, meeting you.


Ms Tytania's Grand Slutathon, October 5

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Ms Tytania loves her lady-cock. There is nothing she’s more proud of than her penis envy and she was a devoted strap-on Mistress long before she became a professional dominatrix. Her love of all things Sodomitical was her entrance ticket into the London BDSM scene. Ms Tytania can categorically affirm that she is, first and foremost, a strap-on fetishist; therefore, it comes as no surprise that Ms Tytania is having a Slutathon.

This multi-Mistress party will feature, in addition to Ms Tytania herself, Femme Fatales Mistress Jezabel and Mistress Rebekka Raynor, as well as Ms Slide, and Club Pedestal house Domme, Theda Vamp. Although the Grand Slutathon is a decadent extravaganza of filthy boy-on-boy bi play, strap-on, and CFNM - safety, discretion, and hygiene are paramount. This is a classy dirty party. What more could a boyslut ask for? To learn more and purchase a ticket, click here


Lady Natalie Black in London

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Notorious femme fatale Lady Natalie Black will be in London Septemer 18/19, playing at the immaculate Hoxton Dungeon Suite. You can apply for a session via her personal website.


Lady Sophia Black - Elegant and Utterly Dominant

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

On this site you will find dominant women from around the world, of different backgrounds, ages, appearances, and approaches - but the sine qua non of the women featured on Femme Fatale is their deep understanding of the psychological and philosophical underpinnings of BDSM. Lady Sophia Black has this in abundance, to a degree rarely found in one so young.

The first scene she filmed, Punishment Busting, shows a thrilling combination of brutality and elegance. The effortlessness with which violence flows from her, never compromising her femininity, is beautiful to behold. And any woman who wears Gucci boots while ball-busting a slave is my kind of woman.

During her second scene, Serve and Worship, she manages to bring a slave to tears through words alone. This is an art in itself. She also presents a master class in foot domination.

As a bonus we’ve thrown in a little treat, the point-of-view film Sophia’s Smoke. Lady Sophia Black is able to turn the simple act of smoking into such an occasion of sin, all smoking fetishists should prepare themselves to be turned into gibbering wrecks.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Lady Sophia Black here. You can also apply to serve her in person by reading her site then contacting her. A true lifestyle Mistress, she also keeps a very interesting blog....