Ms Bijou Steal - Ballerina Gone Bad

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

As a devotee of both ballet, and dominant women gifted with a superior intellect, I have been following Ms Bijou Steal for some time. What more perfect image of beauty and control is there than the classically trained danseuse? Well, it gets better than that. When I first mentioned to my friend, Mistress Yuliya Kate, that I had finally arranged to meet Ms Steal, in hopes of organising a shoot with one of my long-term slaves – whom Ms Kate had worked with previously - her response thrilled me.

“That’s wonderful! Just make sure Bijou doesn’t kill him.”

She did not say it in jest.

I knew something exceptional was called for. My slave flew in from the US and I arranged a very special venue, a trendy tavern – a trendy, public tavern. There were no curtains, with wall-to-wall windows open to the busy street outside.

Ms Steal and I met a week or so before the shoot to discuss her interests. My American slave, bd, is an all-rounder, so that basically left it up to Ms Steal to do as she pleased. And so she did. During our initial meeting Ms Steal had mentioned, in passing, an interest in humiliation. I had obviously misheard her. This was Humiliation with a capital H. For those who have not experienced it from an expert, know this: a rapier wit and razor-sharp tongue can cut deeper than any whip.

Things got shocking rather quickly. By the time Bijou Steal had bd naked (except for some painful chopsticks you-know-where) and licking a male bystander’s shoes (!), we knew that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary, “safe” scene.

If you have ever wanted to watch an elegant woman dissect a man’s dignity in public, this is the film for you. Whether she is dancing en pointe, wielding a whip, or reciting a man’s soul against his will – Ms Bijou Steal is an artiste. Enjoy Steal At The Storm Bar. And I’m sure you’ll see more of this Femme Fatale in the future. You know where to send your prayers of thanks.


Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Miss Myers has been most generous this holiday. Enjoy, and be sure to send her your thanks!


Ms Nikki - For Her Pleasure

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

"Shall I get a pair of scissors and cut them off?"

Ms Nikki has been active in the adult scene all of her adult life, published worldwide in genres stretching from glamour through to hard BDSM, excelling as a model, actress, and professional dominatrix. Her interest in fetish predates her professional involvement, back to a very (very!) early age. Perhaps it is the innate nature of her orientation which has given her the self-confidence to operate in her unique manner: down-to-earth and unafraid to laugh and smile, while at the same time oozing dominance and inflicting suffering with ease.

The quotation which opened this article was taken from Nikki's Nuts for Busting, an intense scene we captured between Ms Nikki and one of her devoted slaves. For those of you who love ball-busting, this film is a must-see. For the less seasoned viewer, I'm willing to bet you will cross your legs rather quickly - despite your being at a very safe distance.

Clamping Torment offers a delicious combination of pleasure and pain as Ms Nikki abuses her slave's erogenous zones, then silences him by sitting firmly on his face. One might accuse the slave of making noise to court the face-sitting - but I defy anyone to keep silent with nipples tormented past scarlet, or when taking a right jab to the testicles.

Rich Reward is a display of classic slave training. If the slave is to have any pleasure, he must please Mistress first. The mere thought of his reward - being smothered with Ms Nikki's luscious breasts - is sufficiently motivating to drive him through a hand spanking, cropping, and caning, despite his disinclination to being thrashed.

Spit Clean Boots is quite neatly titled, as Ms Nikki directs her slave through the cleaning and worship of her leather thigh-boots while she luxuriates with a cigarette, rightfully using her slave as a receptacle for her ash, smoke, and spit. Of course, her spit-polished boots are too lovely to ignore, so Ms Nikki puts them to use trampling her slave, paying special attention to his already-abused genitalia.

Finally, Love My Boots gives you what you so desperately want, some time alone with Ms Nikki. Here is a chance to practice your worship skills as Ms Nikki instructs you in how she likes things done. Pay attention, boy. You may learn something. You are watching these films for purely educational purposes, aren't you?



A Hallowe'en Treat from Ms Alice Malice

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

For my faithful followers, my Femme Fatalities, I have a very special Hallowe'en treat - courtesy of my charming compeer and sometime partner in crime, Mistress Alice Malice. Aside from her professional reputation as one of the world's elite dominatrices, regular readers will know her from the trials of our poor ballbusting slave, j; the wicked Blonde Conspiracy; and school newsletters from the august Malice and Myers Academy

Enjoy the photos of Ms Malice, but be know this: she's even more bewitching in the flesh. If you really deserve a treat this Hallowe'en, apply to serve her in person.




Mistress Krush Makes Her Mark

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy


Our Femme Fatales often arrive at the studio with an entourage of drivers, devotees, slaves, staff, studs, and/or servants of whatever variety. I'm used to seeing men wrapped around our ladies' well-manicured little fingers. Mistress Krush, however, showed up with a real eye-catcher, a slave quite obviously showing off Ms Krush's brand - scorching red and so fresh you could practically smell it. That's not so unusual, but it was on the inside of his wrist (a very painful and difficult spot to brand properly, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure). And although it may have looked fresh, it was actually a re-brand. Yes, a lovely fresh signature over the previous mark of ownership, just to make it that bit clearer. Mistress Krush has that sort of effect on her slaves. She cuts to the core.

Mistress Krush made her debut at FFF with a strap-on pounding her slut-slave will struggle to forget! A sensual and gentle anal finger probing to begin with builds and builds until the fucking gets hard, fast, and brutal. Once her slut-slave has been well and truly gored, he's tied to the frame for a merciless back thrashing - with a rare treat thrown in at the end of the aptly named film, Anal Fuck Slut.

In Foot and Face Sitting Slaves, two slaves have the golden opportunity to worship the stunning Mistress Krush. It's a hot day and Mistress is naturally extremely warm in her latex catsuit. The slaves are made to worship her hot and sweaty feet before one miscreant is singled out for some corrective treatment by way of ball stretching and crushing. Mistress Krush then decides to turn her two useless slaves' heads into a throne for her to rest upon in a unique double-facesitting scene.

In the office world of Miss Krush, sexual harassment is taken most seriously, and one of the few males under Mistress Krush's employ pays dearly for his behaviour. She starts with a verbal dressing down, and reasons that a physical reprimand is necessary to keep this lowly male in line. His challenge - to keep his pants round his knees as she punishes his backside - proves just a little too tough for him. Humiliation is her game and she plays it to win. The name of the film is Office Bitch.

You'll be seeing a lot more of Mistress Krush, showing you just what it is about her that drives men to such extremes to prove their devotion: the essence of a Femme Fatale.