Goddess Sophia, the Fire-breathing Femme Fatale

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Goddess Sophia is a dominatrix, fetish model, and performer of international calibre, having captivated audiences and private worshippers from London to Dubai. You can see her featured in our recent films: Flamed, and Sophia's Slave.

Sophia's Slave is a varied session which shows Goddess Sophia using her slave in a number of amusements including smoke and wax play, face sitting with her latex-clad bottom, taking the slave's anal virginity, and some sensual yet challenging foot worship. (You'll have to see it to find out what I mean by that last one!)

Flamed is one of my current favourite films. Goddess Sophia uses her slave as a human fire extinguisher in a beautiful outdoor setting, surrounded by wildflowers.

You can learn more about Goddess Sophia by viewing her personal site, found here.



Solo Female Operative

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

I thought that would get your attention. It sounds dangerous and sexy, doesn't it? Well, not only is it dangerous and sexy - it is high time that it has happened. The solo female (camera) operative I'm referring to is, of course, the Hunteress. She has recently created an excellent project, Female Film Maker. Here it is, in the Huntress's words:

I set up the Female Film Maker through frustration with a lack of resources to help and assist other Females who would like to produce and sell their own fetish content. After around 10 years of exposure to the fetish industry, I decided enough was enough and set about offering a service that was honest, helpful and rewarding. Some of the following statements might be applicable to you and if you find yourself nodding to any of these, then I can help you.

  1. You are a Domme who has a stream of slaves who want to film you/do your website for you in exchange for Your time/services/domination/relationship whatever.
  2. You later find out said slaves have ulterior motives.
  3. You want to produce your own content and want someone who understands your work and is able to work with you, to get the results you want.
  4. You have no idea where to go to get the above, and some practical, impartial advice on how to sell that content.
  5. You don’t have a huge budget for filming, but want professional quality results.
  6. You have guys who want to be in a film with you, but they feel nervous about having a man doing the filming.
  7. You want to make some promotional videos for your fetish business, not sell fetish content per se.
  8. You are looking for an additional camera operative.
  9. You’d like someone to come and film your fetish event.
  10. You want your fetish products filmed for a website or other advertising campaign.

I love this. I love it when women work together. To learn more, follow the link to the Female Film Maker. Not only is the Hunteress providing ethical and professional film services, she also offers mentoring in various aspects of film making and marketing, giving the gift of independence to other women in the industry.


Life Imitating Art

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Rebekka Raynor can be seen in the recently released British horror film The Reverend. And what is her role, you might ask? She plays the part of a woman who castrates a man with garden shears. Yes, indeed - if that isn't enough to get you rushing off to see the film, well, what's wrong with you?

You can see Mistress Rebekka here in the trailer. You can also go to film's main website for more information, such as the screenings calendar. If you are a little too excited about seeing Ms Rebekka put those shears to work, so much so that public viewing may not be appropriate, you can always obtain the film for private viewing through the usual outlets (LOVEFiLM, iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Play, ASDA, etc.).

Better yet, you could even see Rebekka Raynor in the flesh. I've been told that she does condescend to do the occasional session sans shears, if that sort of thing is important to you.


SlaughterHouse Couture

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

You may (should!) recognise the two stunning women below. Yes, they are Femme Fatales Mistress Jezabel (left) and the Hunteress (right), representing SlaughterHouse Couture. SlaughterHouse Couture's work is entirely bespoke. Each piece is unique; there is no catalogue to select from. There is, however, an inspirational page of their previous commissions for you to gaze at longingly. You'll never have to worry again that someone else will be wearing your dress at the party.


Does This Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

...and if so, why? Yes, this is a pre-emptive strike against the flak I assume I’ll be getting for wearing this particular outfit in my upcoming film, Sergeant Stripes.

First of all, let me make this clear: I am not a Nazi. This is a costume. I am engaging in role-play. Just because I’m playing the role of an SS officer, it doesn’t mean I endorse the philosophy or actions of the Nazi party. On my site you’ll also see me dressed as a nurse. I’m not a nurse, nor is my wearing of the uniform an endorsement of the British National Health Service. It’s role-play.

I’d also like to make this point: all military uniforms speak of evil. I once had a woman write to me, complaining about photo she’d seen of me wearing a leather cap, white shirt, and a black tie. This alone looked too much like an SS uniform for her liking - and if I wanted to wear a uniform, she’d prefer that I wore a Soviet one.

I was most puzzled by this, for as anyone with even a nodding acquaintance with 20th century history knows, Stalin’s army was also involved in hideous atrocities. When I pointed this out to her she went into an abusive ad hominem bit of irrelevance, revealing herself to be someone who doesn’t think with her head (something which offends me, though I didn’t ask her to change it). Fortunately, my regular viewers and readers are much more intelligent than she. For you, this little notice is just a reassurance. I am not a Nazi. I am an equal opportunity sort of sadist. All men are fair game. Actually, no, scratch that - I particularly like making attractive, intelligent men cry, but that has nothing to do with any uniform you’ll see me wearing on my site. It’s just who I am on the inside.

And you don’t have to like everything I do. In fact, I prefer you don’t. I consider it important to push buttons. For those of you who are interested in the areas which are still taboo even in the BDSM scene, we’ve also got a film out now in which Madame Caramel engages in race play. I can tell you from personal experience, Madame has never been anything but genuinely warm and charming with me, as WASPy as I am. Madame Caramel is not a racist. She is a courageous explorer of the erotic, even when it isn’t politically correct. Race play is a fetish, and one Madame enjoys and excels at.

I applaud her for her fearlessness, and everyone else who dares to pursue his or her fantasies. If you feel like daring, I recommend you take a look at Mistress Darcy’s website. She is in London from August 2-14 and indulges in challenging material like cuckolding, forced bi, hard sports, age play, and race play - and she does it with a devilish understanding of the fetishist’s mind. Do be aware that although she is open-minded, she’s also about as close to a goddess as you’re going to meet, so when you contact her, do it  with the utmost respect.