Domme Dream Team

By Divine Mistress Heather

My recent travels took me to Berlin, where I teamed up with Lady Mephista, Cybill Troy and her accomplice Hannah Hunt and to Stuttgart, where Lady Valente and I served up a plethora of sessions, on film and in private. Amazing footage from all these highly talented and sublime Dominas will be featuring soon on FFF. For now, here's a brief glimpse of just some of what's to come...

Cybill Toy's reputation goes well before her, a highly respected and experienced Domina based in Los Angeles. Her genuine enthusiasm for Female Supremacy and her uncompromising style in session was a joy to experience first hand and will be a special treat for our members over the coming few weeks.

Cybill Troy in the forthcoming title 'Cybill's Way' and Hannah Hunt, ready for strap-on action.

Lady Mephista in the movie 'Pain To Cum', now showing in the members area. Lady Mephista is based in Berlin, but travels around Europe regularly in her pursuit of Female Dominance. From the very first moment we met, I could see exactly why so many fall for her assertively seductive charms. The first scene we shot on a bondage bed with one of her most devoted personal slaves. The action is extreme, yet the calm and mesmerizing way in which Lady Mephista gets the best out of her slave was magical to watch.  

Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente in a double domme ballbusting feast, entitled 'Double Busting', now showing to members.


There were a wealth of great scenes shot with all of the above Dommes, way too many to feature in this post, however I will be updating the blog with more teaser pics as and when they become available.


Germany - Double Domme Private Sessions & Filming Opportunities

By Divine Mistress Heather

Film slaves are invited to apply for Berlin & Stuttgart Double Domme shoots in June.

Stuttgart - 16th, 17th and 18th June.

Limited spaces available for private double domme sessions with Lady Victoria Valente & myself in Stuttgart and film slave opportunities. Apply directly to Lady Valente here, clearly stating whether you would like private session information and/or film slave openings.

Filming will incorporate a variety of activities, including whipping, caning, bondage, spitting, face sitting & smothering, CBT & Nipple torment. Double Domme ball busting enthusiasts are especially invited to apply.


Berlin  openings for film slaves are available for Double Domme scenes with myself and two new Femme Fatales in Mid June. The scene play will cover a variety of activities including, but not limited to face sitting, corporal punishment, humiliation, foot, shoe/boot worship and ball busting. For further details complete the model application form here.


You Ready For This?

By Divine Mistress Heather

I'm delighted to announce that The Hunteress has returned to the FFF limelight and in amongst the excitement is a dream ballbusting session where she teams up with the incredible Cate Fury. Not for the feint hearted, this develish duo serve up a kick-storming session that will leave any ballbusting fan weak at the knees!

Face sitting, extreme corporal punishment (including a truly awesome bull-whipping scene!) chastity torment and a good hard pegging all feature in the soon-to-be released Hunteress and Cate Fury movies. coming exclusively to FFF. But that's not the only exclusive this month for FFF members...

Mistress Serena made her FFF debut with a collection of sensuously explosive scenes, the first of which premieres this coming Saturday. If you love FemDom, you will not want to miss this incredible Domme in action!!!

The images below are taken from Mistress Serena's debut title, 'Heaven Scent', with the first part showing to members this coming Saturday. The slave is used for his Mistress's entertainment as she toys with his most sensitive parts, starting with his nipples, before electrifying his cock and balls, all the while sat firmly over his face. The more she teases and torments, the more desperate he is to worship. She decides to let him worship her perfect bottom, but the orgasm this quickly induces, means there is a significant price for him to pay...


The Spit Kiss

By Divine Mistress Heather

In the vanilla world, spitting is often described as a loathsome habit and certainly not an activity the vast majority would associate with sex, other than the obvious lubrication applications. How things differ in the world of FemDom... In stark contrast, many of my slaves consider it one of the most exciting and addictive activities, ever begging for more of my saliva, sensuously spat from my mouth to theirs.

I have always considered it an intimate interaction, a slave kiss, allowing a slave to taste and consume a part of me is a special honour that only a very few might experience.

For the boot fetishist, I love to help lubricate hard working tongues by spitting directly on the leather where they are working. I find it most erotic seeing a devoted slave cower beneath me, eagerly lapping up my spit, feeling their adoring tongue pressed firmly against my boot leather.

Of course it can be used to humilate if not dribbled directly into a slave's mouth, but sprayed at their face and combined with a few hard face slaps it can quickly focus an errant slave mind!

Spitting has always been one of my favourite activities and I know many of my Mistress friends feel the same here at FFF. The members area is already dripping with a plethora of kinky spit movies and you can be assured there will be many more to come!


Domina Hades & Lifestyle Domination

By Divine Mistress Heather

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting up with the wonderful Domina Hades, a strikingly beautiful Domme with a genuine enthusiasm for all things FemDom. We filmed a number of scenes at a gorgeous villa deep in the heart of Spain and the action reflects the reality of life for the slave in attendance, this over a period of five days or so. For the entire vacation, the slave was not allowed to sleep in any of the numerous spare bedrooms, instead he was confined to a space beneath the stairs in the hallway, but he was given a somewhat thin mattress to sleep on and a regular supply of dog biscuits to keep his strength up.

The stills above are taken from the movie 'Hades Humiliates', just released to our members, where you can see Domina Hades thoroughly degrade her slave. From the very moment she returns home, with extremely muddy heels, his humiliation begins! They say the camera never lies and this is most evident in this scene, where the physical and verbal cruelty inflicted on the hapless house slave are clearly the real deal.

Sweaty shoe sniffing, foot worship, spitting, trampling, face slapping and smothering all feature heavily in this scene. A FemDom connoisseurs delight! Further scenes include using the slave as a human ashtray, dog training outdoors, a severe caning session, and a spitting cocktail for slave consumption with myself and Hades teaming up to give the slave double the trouble.