Miss Miranda - The Bondage Mistress

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Miss Miranda is a highly experienced and dedicated dominatrix. Her entirely private, multi-roomed, three-storey chambers are stocked with the finest equipment, a testament to her love of the craft. We left Femme Fatale Studios to film in Miss Miranda's playground. I wanted to show her in her element - not to mention, her toys are better! What you see is something exciting: raw session footage of an expert dominant in her personal chambers, with the most exquisite kit at her fingertips.

Scene 1 - Ultra Sounds

Nurse Miranda knows what's best for the patient. She swiftly brings him under control by binding him to the examination table and administering gas, then moves on to dilating his cock and ass before they are electrified. Will the patient provide a satisfactory sample for this strict rubber nurse?

Scene 2 - Sensory Test

Miss Miranda amuses herself with the slave's nipples, while tormenting him with a description of what is to come. He will be suspended and helpless in a body bag, his cock and balls stretched in opposite directions, his ass violated with her black strap-on as she swings him back and forth. She whips him, then begins to toy with his mind by teasing his cock at the same time. As the electrics are applied, she continues with this tactic; she'll make him love the pain.

N.B. Miss Miranda of London is not to be mistaken for the Mistress Miranda mentioned in my diary entry concerning the training of slave S.  


Athena - Goddess of War and Wisdom

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

I recently met Mistress Athena, who wore the name of the goddess effortlessly. Athena is a Mistress who is not afraid to hurt a man, to push him past his preconceived limits, to force him to exceed himself and satisfy her

She recorded two scenes. The first begins as a role-play, where a burglar breaks into the wrong house and is captured by Athena. This is where the acting ends. The sound of her boot connecting with his balls, the groans of pain, his drop to the floor, over and over... there's no acting there, just some serious suffering.

Scene two is more intimate. Slave thirteen must prove his worth if he is to keep his number, his mark of belonging to Mistress Athena. What will he do to be allowed to stay by her side? The correct answer is as follows: anything she wants, whenever and however she wants it. By the end he is black and blue, full of spit and ash, and shivering all over - but his slave's heart is content because he has satisfied her. He knows the pleasure of having been well and truly used by a goddess.


Mistress Jezabel in the Media

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Mistress Jezabel (pictured left) is very active in the fetish scene. She is a house Domme at Club Subversion, and has recently taken part in a television interview discussing BDSM, due to be released this early summer. I'll provide more details as soon as they become available. Devotees of Mistress Jezabel, please note that you may see her at Club Subversion, but she is very busy. If you wish to offer a respectful greeting, do so, but please follow the normal rules of etiquette and do not impose yourself in any way.

Club Subversion is holding a uniforms-themed event this April 7th. You can read more about it here.

You can visit Mistress Jezabel's personal site here.


Post-Orgasm Stress in Order

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

It has been described as the ultimate act of nasty domination: draining a slave of semen before he is punished. As the title Post-Orgasm Stress in Order hints, the slave is forced to ejaculate before his lesson begins. There will be no drugs of lust to ease him along, no eroticisation of his position. He will have to endure it all in the cold, hard light of reality. What follows is an intense drill. With very basic examples I show how, as a woman, I have a unique ability to enslave him. It is my birthright. I verbally decimate his ego, play with his mind, and whip him mercilessly. He is physically unrestrained, yet he stays. He is complicit in his own suffering... but why? This is internal enslavement, the subject of the film.

He doesn’t adore me in spite of my cruelty; he adores me because of it. He adores me as I claim my rightful power over him, and he tumbles into sub space. The sentence of 100 lashes is stopped short as I notice the tears silently streaming down his face. He has never cried like this before, glassy-eyed, far away – he struggles to understand what I am saying. His vulnerability is at a peak. I call the scene to an end. The slave literally cannot tell right from left by this point. After the cameras stop rolling, I take him away and whisper words into his naked consciousness, further binding him to me.


The Punishment Officer

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

A video document of the prisoner's punishment will be available soon for viewing.