Let Me Entertain You!

By Divine Mistress Heather

These uncertain times are a concern for all of us across the globe and I hope that you all do your utmost to keep safe and sane. Amidst this deepening crisis, there is at least one thing you can be certain of and that is my comittment to bringing you the very best of Femdom escapism through Femme Fatale Films!

Over the coming weeks and months we will not only be bringing you great new and varied content, but also increasing the rate at which we upgrade our Blockbuster Movies!

This means clearer, bigger and even better focus on the high quality action so synonomous with Femme Fatale Films.

So settle back and let those insatiable Femdom desires run wild with me, here at the very heart of the world's best Female Domination entertainment!

Mistress Heather


Hunting You Down!

By Divine Mistress Heather

The Hunteress makes a welcome return to FFF with an impressive array of action packed 'Femdomery'! The captured footage showcases a great many activities, so settle back and let the Hunteress show you what she does best... taking men apart bit by bit and leaving them broken, but devoted to her mesmerising style! Action you can expect over the coming weeks includes...

Smoke and spit and boot worship training with full human ashtray service...

She excels in all forms of corporal punishment, a true enthusiast and expert with the whip and cane, with the ability to push slaves further than they have ever willingly gone before...

If you were ever fortunate enough to have an audience with The Hunteress, you should expect to get walked all over and then have her perfect 'peds' plunged in your eager mouth!

Of course there will be experimentation on men's most sensitive parts...

...and some slaves get well and truly fucked!

...and finally, ball destruction, quite a fitting way to end!


FemDom Movies Par Excellence!

By Divine Mistress Heather

Femme Fatale Films continues to produce outstanding quality movies, featuring real session footage and fantasy scenarious to sate your fetish desires. Dive inside the members area now, where you will find a plethora of extreme femdom action, or if you just want a specific mindblowing movie, visit our Pay Per View Store HERE!


Ruining The Orgasm Is My Pleasure!

By Divine Mistress Heather

One of my latest sessions on film, captures a most enjoyable scene where I effectively extract the semen from one of my personal slaves, without him benefitting from an orgasm, this most commonly described as a ruined orgasm. The purpose of the extraction was not to give the slave any pleasure, rather to ensure the depletion of his sex drive and thereby keep him malleable and essentially weak.

It has also become apparent that the further I push my slaves into the realms of the pain and pleasure principle, the more the two become entwined and before long, one cannot be experienced without the other. To know that they are willing to surrender their complete control of body and mind is highly arousing and addictive, so these experiments will continue and get ever more extreme in their practice, with the footage being documented over the coming weeks and months for my members benefit.

I have shown just a few of the images from the aforementioned session below.

The movie 'Clamped For Milking' is now showing in the Members Area.


The No.1 FemDom Members Site in Europe!

By Divine Mistress Heather

I'm very pleased to announce that due to an ever increasing membership at I have just recently upgraded the entire server system to accommodate more load, which means even faster downloads for members! I'm also scheduling some significant functional changes to the website over the coming weeks and months to allow for an enhanced customer experience in terms of navigation and content search.

Yes, we are now the Number One FemDom Movie site in Europe! Whilst some other historically popular femdom sites have either fallen by the wayside or got a little tiresome and 'long in the tooth', FemmeFataleFilms has grown stronger and more popular year on year thanks to our member support. I have and will always remain true to the FemDom principles FFF has always maintained, that being a genuine passion for real, authentic and creative FemDom practices.

My new extensively equipped chambers, deep in the heart of the Andalucian countryside will be completed within the next few months and will soon give our members a fascinating insight into my personal and real FemDom world and the practices I especially love to engage in with my fellow Femme Fatales. Be prepared to have your eyes opened to a whole new world of intensely erotic, creative and sadistic entertainment, all of course at the expense of my lucky personal and film slaves!

Mistress Heather