Miss Zoe Clamping Down On Slaves

By Divine Mistress Heather

The leather booted Miss Zoe knows exactly how to subdue her male slaves and if she's not using her exemplary wrestling skills to overpower them, she's extremely adept at securing them in inescable bondage!

The queening stool was perfect for this session, allowing Miss Zoe to hold her slave in exactly the right position to consume copious amounts of her spit. First a glassful which she'd collected from the night before was poured down the tube, then fresh spit was given to wash it all down.

Slave smothering in tight leather trousers was next for this poor unfortunate victim!

Along with actual session footage, members will also see a number of exciting new P.O.V. scenes, where you get the opportunity to imagine being down at Miss Zoe's boots, to lick, kiss and do exactly as you are told!

The long leather gloves are on, along with sexy thigh boots, but that's all for one very lucky slave (as shown in the far right image). The bound slave is sensuously teased, the soft leather opera gloves caressing his face, muffling his mouth and were it not for the cruel chastity device caging his manhood, he would not have been able to contain his excitement!  

A plethora of exciting new movies featuring the incredible Miss Zoe, including real session footage and fantasy role plays, await our members over the coming few weeks.


The Real Vixen Deal!

By Divine Mistress Heather

It was on a recent shoot with my good friend Mistress Vixen, that I managed to capture a sexy little smoking session in between filming more organised session sets. We were discussing how she was going to tear up her slave in the next session when she summoned over one of our film slaves and just decided to use him as her ashtray. The session footage (and full size photos) will be appearing in our members area later this month, but I thought I'd give you a little taster in mini photo form below...

Of course the photos don't tell the whole story, although some of you might hazard a guess as to what happens to the lipstick stained and smoldering butt at the end of this scene...


Porn Prohibition To Hit The UK Consumer!

By Divine Mistress Heather


Since the following post was made in early March, it would seem that the UK authorities have seen a little sense, realising that the scheduled UK ban on pornography for April, is simply not practical to implement! Whether we will see a new date scheduled or whether they will come to their senses and abolish these ridiculous plans all together remains to be seen, but I'll update you here, as and when further information is available...

If you live in the United Kingdom, there are potentially some dramatic changes coming your way concerning your freedom of choice on the web. The UK is about to enter a draconian era of porn prohibition! Although of late, there has been very little official information concerning this proposed move, the UK authorities did decide last year, that as of April 2018, they intend to block "non-conventional pornography" for the UK consumer.

This may of course not even get off the ground and even if it does, it may take several months if not years to fully implement!

If and when this block does go ahead, quite scandalously, it means that potentially thousands of perfectly legal websites will be blocked from UK viewers screens. Paul Bernal, a lecturer at UEA Law School has said "This is legal content and creating barriers for adults to access that legal content is in itself damaging to freedom of speech and access to information". The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) will now decide what you should and shouldn't watch on the web, irrespective of the legality of such websites.

All adult websites will need to have an age verification process to comply with this new UK ruling. The Open Rights Group executive director Jim Killock has said "The BBFC will struggle to ensure that Age verification is safe, secure and anonymous".

Even if websites adopt the appropriate age verification software, the BBFC will still block websites for U.K. consumption if the content behind the age check does not conform to their strict conventional pornography format. From what is known and as far as the BBFC are concerned, "non-conventional pornography" includes almost all of the (perfectly legal) activities you will find on most FemDom websites. The BBFC doesn't think it's appropriate for you to watch a Dominatrix face sitting or humiliating a man in any way. A man sucking on a woman's strap-on cock is humiliatingly unnaceptable in the eyes of the BBFC, however they have no problem with a woman gagging on a man's cock or a man spunking in a woman's face!

Quite frankly, this move is idiotic beyond belief! All of the activities and productions portrayed on are legal to view and download and will continue to be so after these restrictions are introduced, yet the U.K. authorities intend to stop you having this freedom of viewing choice.

Those who want to bypass these restrictions will be able to do so very easily. It will only hurt those non-tech savvy web users i.e. those who have never heard of a VPN.

So there is light at the end of a VPN tunnel! I've always been a strong advocate for people using a VPN, to protect their identity online and of course for those who live outside of the UK and those who already use a VPN within the UK, these crazy restrictions will not affect you.

There are numerous free and subscription based VPN services available. Personally I've been using Express VPN as the most trusted and reliable VPN provider for many years now and I cannot recommend their services enough! To find out about the wealth of benefits a VPN provides and how easy it is to use a VPN to protect your identity online, you can go directly to their website by clicking on the banner below...


Mistress Petite Makes A Grand Impression!

By Divine Mistress Heather

Mistress Petite made a big impression on her first shoot with us at the end of last year! Several of her movies are already available to members, in which she brings a unique and refreshingly new style of domination. I particularly enjoy Mistress Petite's creativity in humiliation and slave games.

Whilst most of Mistress Petite's time is spent dominating slaves in Bristol, she does occasionally travel to other UK cities for sessions. For those of you further afield or too nervous for real time sessions, Mistress Petite is a true expert in webcam sessions. Exceptionally inventive with a razor sharp wit! Information on serving this gifted Domina can be found on her website here.


From the Movie 'Beaten To Beat'

From the Movie 'Smokey Lust'

From the Movie 'Gag On My Boots'

See Mistress Petite in action inside the members area now and see exactly how this great new Femme Fatale gets a kick out dominating her slaves!


Fire & Ice

By Divine Mistress Heather

On my most recent filming trip to England, it was a real treat to brutalise some slaves with my flame haired friend Mistress Lady Renee. Seeing the great Lady in action from behind the scenes, was almost as exciting as teaming up with her in front of the camera!

Strap-on action has always been one of my favourites and with the monster cocks, we had a buggering blast of a time!

Lady Renee's personal butler made an appearance and had his mouth filled in no time, bringing real tears to his eyes. His cock sucking skills came on no end with the real cock of our newly appointed sissy maid and some heavy dildo sucking practice.

There are a plethora of new solo scenes where you will relish the absolute dominance of Mistress Lady Renee in action including predicament torment, extreme bastinado (to a level I've never seen before!), sounding, ball squashing and kicking, trampling, cigar fetish and heavy corporal punishment in full uniform.

So much to look forward to over the coming weeks for our lucky members... you should be salivating already at the very thought of what's to come!