Mistress Jezabel in the Media

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Mistress Jezabel (pictured left) is very active in the fetish scene. She is a house Domme at Club Subversion, and has recently taken part in a television interview discussing BDSM, due to be released this early summer. I'll provide more details as soon as they become available. Devotees of Mistress Jezabel, please note that you may see her at Club Subversion, but she is very busy. If you wish to offer a respectful greeting, do so, but please follow the normal rules of etiquette and do not impose yourself in any way.

Club Subversion is holding a uniforms-themed event this April 7th. You can read more about it here.

You can visit Mistress Jezabel's personal site here.


Post-Orgasm Stress in Order

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

It has been described as the ultimate act of nasty domination: draining a slave of semen before he is punished. As the title Post-Orgasm Stress in Order hints, the slave is forced to ejaculate before his lesson begins. There will be no drugs of lust to ease him along, no eroticisation of his position. He will have to endure it all in the cold, hard light of reality. What follows is an intense drill. With very basic examples I show how, as a woman, I have a unique ability to enslave him. It is my birthright. I verbally decimate his ego, play with his mind, and whip him mercilessly. He is physically unrestrained, yet he stays. He is complicit in his own suffering... but why? This is internal enslavement, the subject of the film.

He doesn’t adore me in spite of my cruelty; he adores me because of it. He adores me as I claim my rightful power over him, and he tumbles into sub space. The sentence of 100 lashes is stopped short as I notice the tears silently streaming down his face. He has never cried like this before, glassy-eyed, far away – he struggles to understand what I am saying. His vulnerability is at a peak. I call the scene to an end. The slave literally cannot tell right from left by this point. After the cameras stop rolling, I take him away and whisper words into his naked consciousness, further binding him to me.


Strict Miss Zoe - Yes, Boss!

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

I received a letter some time ago from a fan of Miss Zoe, recommending she be made a Femme Fatale. I was already familiar with her work. A friend had asked me to watch one of her films. He was enthralled by the fiery intensity she exploded with when annoyed by the man in the scene with her. I was impressed with her completely ambidextrous use of the cane. I’d never seen someone so effortlessly fluent with both hands. It also pleased me to see such a young woman so confidently in command.

She came to visit last weekend and I must say she was astounding. Beyond the skills I already knew to be in her possession, she is also a humiliatrix extraordinaire. The completely spontaneous expressions of sadistic humiliation she piled upon her slave were so unexpected and creative; I was thrilled.

I won’t give away what she did. Words can’t really do it justice. You must see it for yourself. Confident, commanding, creative, cruel, young, beautiful... Miss Zoe is the newest Femme Fatale. You’ll see a number of stunning films from her here very soon.


The Punishment Officer

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

A video document of the prisoner's punishment will be available soon for viewing.


Introducing Ms Tytania: You'll Get What's Coming to You

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

For those of you who don't already know, Ms Tytania is at the forefront of a new movement. Her project, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, takes part in and comments on the current debate regarding issues such as agency, morality, personal politics, feminism and the sexualisation of culture. Forget about Mistresses tottering around in high heels as debilitated sex objects, this is militant female supremacy. Is that clear, male scum?

In the piece Ms Tytania filmed for us she masquerades as Cindy, the proprietress of an exclusive bordello. A male specimen shows up expecting to purchase some sexual services and a little fluffing of his ego after being dumped by his girlfriend. Cindy decides it would be more useful if he learned a lesson and sets about implementing an intense reeducation program. He's a selfish male with a pathetic cock, and he's going to learn how to satisfy a woman by experiencing the other side of things. He's going to be forced to be Cindy's slut. By the time his dime has run out he's had his ego decimated with a verbal bashing and some extreme humiliation, including licking the dirt from her shoes, begging to take her cock in his ass, and taking a load of spunk all over his face from Ms Tytania's very special ejaculating strap-on. The closest he got to pleasure for himself was being forced to fake an orgasm. Class is dismissed.