Great Movies Great Dommes!

By Divine Mistress Heather

The last few weeks we've been busy filming some great scenes with some of our favourite Domme friends. Here's a few snaps from just a small selection, coming soon to FFF!

Mistress Akella in the new movie 'Spit Slap'

Mistress Akella in 'Dirty Doormat Slave'

Lady Victoria Valente in 'Lace & Lick', 'Suck & Swallow' & 'Cheesy foot Hood''.

Mistress Athena in a variety of new movies coming soon!


Mistress Lady Renee Soon To Be Towering Over London

By Divine Mistress Heather

Our most recent FemDom tour took us to Antwerp, Belgium, where we had the pleasure of meeting and filming with Mistress Lady Renee. Of Australian descent, Renee has now been established in Europe for some four years and is available for private sessions in a superbly well equipped and multi roomed dungeon space, in the very heart of Antwerp.  

Towering high in her six inch heels, Mistress Lady Renee stands a very intimidating 6ft 4 inches tall (195cm)! Her naturally dominant demeanour and sharp witted tongue make her a real ‘Femme Fatale Force’ to be reckoned with.

Members of FFF can look forward to a plethora of exciting new movies featuring this stunning and talented lady over the coming few weeks, but for those of you based in London, England, you have a golden opportunity to session with her next week at a studio in Piccadilly Circus from February 1st - 4th. Further more detailed information can be found on Renee's website!

Amongst her specialities, Mistress Lady Renee is available for humiliation, corporal punishment, anal play and nipple torment sessions, from novice to extreme levels!


The Year That Was...

By Divine Mistress Heather

2015 Has been a very busy year for Femme Fatale Films! We've produced some amazing movies and filmed with some of your favourite Femme Fatales, as well as introducing many new beautiful and talented Dommes to the ever expanding line-up.

2016 Will be filled with yet more delights as we venture further across Europe adding even more variety of stunning Dommes and deliciously intense action for our members. Exciting times ahead!

As we come to the close of 2015, I'd like to thank all our members for their continued support and wish you all the very best for 2016.

Here are some photographic moments from just a few of the great action movies we filmed this last year.

Mistress Heather 

Divine Mistress Heather in Office Apprentice & Miss Alex in Scratch & Sniff

Lady Rubi in Suck For My Pleasure Lady Victoria Valente in Shaved & Fucked

Mistress Akella in Off The Wall & Mistress Johanna in Johanna's Bitch Slave

Mistress Athena in Proof Of Lies & Lady Mia Harrington & Divine Mistress Heather in Doubled Up

Ms Nikki in Only The Finest & Mistress R'eal & Miss Deelight in Bitch Pegging 

The Hunteress in A.W.O.L. & CruelDama & Divine Mistress Heather in Double Domme Serving 

Governess Elizabeth in Fuck The Failure & Miss Eris in Addicted To Eris 


London Bound

By Divine Mistress Heather

Whilst the chilly grey weather of England does not appeal at this time of year, visiting London to film with some amazing Mistresses, combined with a spot of fetish shopping certainly does. My trip to London just last week was brief, but jam packed!

I had decided to keep this particular visit to the UK beneath the radar, as whenever I announce filming travel plans I tend to get inundated with private session or meeting requests. This trip was all about filming for FFF - although I did take pity on a couple of my long term devotees and managed to squeeze in a couple of sessions.

The shoot on Monday had me teaming up with Lady Mia Harrington. I had not had the pleasure of meeting Mia when I last sent my cameraman to film with her. I enjoyed the movies she’d previously shot for FFF and felt we’d be a perfect match, complimenting each other with our sadistic and sensual style of domination. My instinct was correct. I had much fun double Domming with Mia and was most impressed by the five slaves who came to film on the day. They all took a great deal of punishment and humiliation and I'm excited by the footage that I've watched back so far. Ball-Busting, Strap-On, CP, Boot Worship, Trampling, Forced Masturbation, CBT, Face-Sitting and so much more!

Lady Mia Harrington & Divine Mistress Heather

I was both thrilled and disappointed by Tuesday's shoot. Thrilled to be filming with The Hunteress once again, but disappointed that I was not able to stay for the shoot. She is always a total joy to watch in action. Leather tailoring and public humiliation with a lowly slave was the order of my day. I very much admire The Hunteress' cruel, brutal and authoritative manner and it is obvious to see why her movies are always a big hit on FFF. It is no surprise that she had a plethora of slaves all eager to serve and be abused. There are many amazing movies to come over the next few months including Military Role-Play with a Sjambok beating, Foot Worship, Strap-On and a fierce double Domme Ball-Busting scene with guest appearance from the incredible Cate Fury.

The Hunteress & Cate Fury

I had been especially looking forward to Wednesday's shoot as FFF was filming with a new Femme Fatale. I always get such pleasure in bringing new Mistresses to the website. I had spent many months enjoying Governess Elizabeth in my Twitter feed - admiring her mutual love of fabulous latex clothing and getting a good insight into her style of domination from her candid images. I knew she would make the perfect addition to our ever growing list of Femme Fatale's. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, but she has a unique style for manipulating her slaves, getting deep into their psyche, until they are begging to do and take whatever form of sexual therapy she so desires. Office Role-Play, Spanking, CP, Trampling, Medical Role-Play, Sounds, Anal Stretching, Strap-On and Milking are just a few of the things that you can look forward to from this highly talented Domina.

Governess Elizabeth


My final day in London was a Mistress Heather shoot day! While there are always a multitude of slaves offering themselves up, I particularly enjoy using slaves with whom I have formed a likeminded bond. I had spent a little time getting to know an avid latex enthusiast via email and after meeting him at Monday's shoot, I knew he'd be perfect for some latex loving ideas I had for Thursday's shoot. I cannot even begin to articulate how much I love latex, so it was a real treat to find a slave who shares my passion, not to mention a huge latex wardrobe to boot! Predicament Latex Worship, CBT, Electrics, Face-Sitting, Spanking, Spitting, Sensory Deprivation and Forced Masturbation are just a few of the things that this very fortunate slave got to enjoy with me. 

Divine Mistress Heather


I'm extremely pleased with all the delicious action that was shot on this trip - thank you Ladies!

Special thanks to my favourite Make-Up Artist and fellow fetishist, Fatal Femme for making my shoot dates that much more special.

And lastly, thank you to the many film slaves who attended. There were quite a few slaves who impressed me on this trip! Well done ;) 



An Interview with Divine Mistress Heather - The Queen of FFF

By Divine Mistress Heather

Mistress Heather has been one of the leading Dommes on Femme Fatale Films since its launch back in 2011. I talk to her in an exclusive interview about her past, her present and her future as the female force behind Femme Fatale Films.

Jordan Jerome


When did you first realise you had a dominant side and how did it reveal itself?

Whilst having been a relatively shy child, I'd always had a discreet manipulative and sadistic streak in me when it came to boys. But at that age, it is not something that you relate to sexually. I recall seeing a documentary about New York's prostitution scene in the early 90's and in particular, one lady who would dominate her client using sandpaper to masturbate him - it's funny how certain things stick in your mind. That scene definitely made something click.

A few years later I remember watching the Nick Broomfield documentary on New York's Pandora's Box, ‘Fetishes’ from 1996 (click here to play the trailer) and being hugely fascinated by the women, the men, the activities and the equipment (so much so that I later spent some time reprimanding NYC slaves at Pandora's Box). Finding that there was a whole new and alternative world dedicated to such wonderfully wicked things was certainly a step towards understanding my dominant nature. In my teenage years I loved to wear sexy PVC clothing and skyscraper heels, which always caught people’s attention and made me feel very 'bad'. With my attire and the things that I had seen in documentaries and magazines, adopting a naughty and haughty persona seemed to flow quite naturally.

When did you turn pro and did you have any training or just find your way on your own?

I entered the world of pro domination some 13 years ago now, back in 2002 while living in Brighton, England. The burning desire to dominate men grew and after some research I found a local Mistress who offered me her guidance. She has since retired but I have many fond memories of sessions with her. It wasn't too long before I was offering sessions on my own but a Mistress is always developing her skills, whether that be hands on with a guinea pig slave, through workshops with specialised practitioners or through literature.

I've been making FemDom movies since 2003 although I haven't modelled for very many sites, despite a plethora of invitations, since I have always been very particular about the presentation of a website and its production values. I've shot numerous clips with Woman Worship and some shoots for Goddess Alexia's Platinum Cage.


Do you go to fetish clubs, what's your favourite club night?

I was a regular attendee of London's Club Pedestal in its very early days. My first attendance at the club was back in 2003 and I often helped out as a resident Domme with the house-slave training evenings, in preparation for the main event. I love the FemDom ethos of the club and it was always enjoyable to put potential house slaves through their paces at the training evenings.

London's Club Smack and Essex's Club Twisted were my favourite fetish non FemDom specific clubs - sadly both stopped running many years ago. While I prefer more intimate FemDom events, the region of Spain where I now reside doesn't have any regular clubs, but these days I can occasionally be seen at larger European fetish events such as Wasteland or Dominatrix, if it coincides with my travel plans.

What kind of BDSM play do you most enjoy?

It really does depend entirely on whom I'm playing with and the energy that flows between us. What I may enjoy with one slave, may not be so favourable with another. I enjoy the psychological aspect of a FemDom relationship the most. Manipulatively using my seductive feminine charms to transform and ensnare a submissive into my perfect slave is a great thrill. Making them dependant on my leadership, but training them to show initiative in always striving to please and serve me to the best of their abilities. I adore role-play, especially when it incorporates some of my favourite activities.

As a Pro Domina I have enjoyed receiving many wonderful scenarios from my clients to be creative with - a base idea that I can spend days or even weeks developing. I especially love nipple torment, CBT and ball-busting - anything that allows me to be able to look deep into a slave’s eyes as I inflict pain is a huge thrill for me. It gives me immense pleasure to humiliate a slave - both verbal and physical. Leaving a slave feeling utterly degraded leaves me feeling utterly turned on! Strap on is amongst my favourite activities - the psychological and lasting impression it leaves on a slave, is one of pure FemDom.

What's your favourite fetish wear?

I've always had a fetish for corsets, vintage inspired lingerie and beautiful delicate stockings. With corsets it's not just the many varied and beautiful designs I like to collect, it's also the way they help maintain perfect posture and accentuate curves. I'm particularly in love with under-bust corsets at the moment.

I have a deep fetish for traditional fully fashioned nylons, especially the Point and Manhattan heel. I adore the way that the sheer silky fabric glides over your skin. It's a self indulgent and luxurious fetish I get a great deal of personal pleasure from.

Latex has always been a firm favourite for fetish wear - the feel, the smell, the taste and the way it compliments a woman's shape. There are many wonderful latex designers around these days and I have a number of pieces that are custom made. I feel incredibly sexy and powerful whilst being worshipped in latex - feeling a very lucky slave's warm tongue pleasing me through the second skin is a highly pleasurable experience.

My collection of leather attire is becoming more prominent in my kinky closet. What I especially love about leather is its versatility for everyday life. Just a simple pair of tight leather trousers, concealing my favourite leather knee boots beneath, is enough to turn many heads in public.

What about footwear, do you prefer shoes or boots?

I don't really have a preference over shoes or boots, I love them both in equal measure, but I pretty much always insist on platforms and usually with an elegant stiletto heel. I have an ever growing collection of over 200 pairs at last count and it's true when they say a lady can never have too many ;)

Are you still offering personal sessions?

I guess you could call me semi-retired from private sessions. Since taking over Femme Fatale Films, much of my time is spent running the website. I now only accept extended sessions with applicants that especially interest me. It's a nice position to be in.

So no more conventional one or two hour encounters for slaves?

When I'm travelling to do filming for Femme Fatale Films, I may on the odd occasion announce a session date or two and with these I do accept one hour sessions - this is incredibly rare though! Most of my sessions these days are with international devotees over a few days and these are the sessions that I enjoy the most. Getting to know someone over a longer period of time is so much more satisfying on so many levels. I adore travelling and meeting polite gentlemen from all over the world and slowly breaking them down day by day, morphing them into my perfect slave.

Can you tell us about your history with Femme Fatale Films and how you came to own it?

I was first asked to film for FFF in 2011, the year of its launch. I loved the look of the website, the excellent quality and style of photography and movies. I didn't need to think twice about saying yes. I filmed for FFF a few times in this first year, always enjoying the intimacy and professional manner of its one man film crew and the unobtrusive style of filming which allowed me to do my own thing, thereby creating a true image of what my style and what FemDom is about. I am aware that there are a number of movie sites which dictate too much to the models, rather than guide - there is nothing FemDom about that!

It was in 2012 after the website's lead Femme Fatale had to leave Europe, that I was asked by the website owner to assist behind the scenes of FFF. My involvement was initially writing loose themes for the featured Mistresses to work their magic with, finding new Femme Fatales, arranging film venues, finding good reliable film slaves and some website maintenance with banner exchange and promotion becoming part of my 'job description'. I already knew the web developer who created the whole look and style of FFF and the owner as I had previously worked with them on a new conceptual idea for a FemDom webcam project, but that's another story!

The business has a highly skilled cameraman, photographer and web developer, but being a European based website, it obviously needed a European based Domme to take on the day to day management and female direction for the business. In Mistress Eleise's absence, it was a natural role for me, until she might return to Europe.

I didn't know you were quite so involved with Femme Fatale Films from the start. So how did you come to actually own the business?

The website became available for purchase in October 2014 and after having worked closely with the site for several years prior and having come to enjoy all aspects of the business, it felt like a natural thing to take over ownership when the opportunity arose. Since my purchase, I've been continuing to run FFF in the way that it came to me. I'm still learning but I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue moving the business forward in a very positive way.

So far, so good. So I guess it was it a natural step to take over as figurehead for the website since you became owner?

Yes, I guess you could say that it was a natural step, but it was far from being an easy decision. Mistress Eleise had been figurehead for the website for the initial 18 months since it launched in 2011, but after she left the UK the following year in 2012, it made it difficult for her to maintain her obligations to the website. Whilst she continued to film here and there, it wasn't enough to sustain her role as the lead Mistress and I'm sure that many people will be surprised to hear that FFF was never owned by Mistress Eleise. I'm sure that there will be a number of her fans who will be sad about her departure as lead model, but she announced plans last year to launch her very own movie site. I wish her luck with that.

FFF has always been a multi Mistress website, but after running the website without an official figurehead since the summer of 2014, I decided in the Spring of this year, that the website did indeed need a Queen to identify with. So after several years of hard work behind the scenes, I decided it was time to come out from 'behind the curtain'. I 100% own and run it and my transition to figurehead has been a natural, measured and respectful process. I've worked extremely hard with this business - I am passionate about my job, you could say it really is a work of love.

So what does the future hold for Femme Fatale Films?

I have a good few new ideas in the melting pot, too many in fact to mention here and now. It's always important for any evolving business to adapt to ever changing market forces, but I will never compromise my desire for quality, that's certainly a constant that the many FFF fans can always rely on.

All of the movies on FFF have always been and will continue to be a true representation of the individual Mistresses, either in session or expressed through role-play. So what our members get is real FemDom, not FemDom in the blinkered style of some domineering director. I also insist on letting the action flow naturally in scenes, so the chemistry between Mistress and slave can develop. There's nothing worse than stop-start productions - it doesn’t help the Mistress or slave!

How have you adapted to life in sunny Spain?

It's been great! I love life here, there's something about waking up to blue skies every day that makes for clear and positive thoughts! Maybe that's reflected in why the website over these last 12 months has seen memberships soar to an all time high! I'm very fortunate to have a great lifestyle and a beautiful villa in which to reside. I have a select few slaves who work the mundane chores around the house and grounds, which gives me time to let my creative juices flow into Femme Fatale Films ;)

Well thank you for your time and enlightenment Mistress Heather! It's been a pleasure talking with you and I wish you continued success in your business!