Ms Ella Kros - The Feline Femme Fatale

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Femme Fatale Ms Ella Kros, is like a Bond film villainess; multi-lingual, cunning, and stunningly beautiful, her femininity is fierce and feline. Her voice purrs softly as she toys with her slaves, like a cat with a mouse. You listen with rapt attention to each susurration of her beautiful accent as she peels your layers away. Relentless and cruel, she smiles softly, angelically through your suffering. Ms Kros is not a stereotypical dominatrix by any means. She draws you in slowly, until you awaken somewhere expected, completely under her control and wanting more.

Below you'll see from photos taken from the films she recorded whilst visiting us in London. Such beautiful cruelty! Some of the highlights for me were the vicious ball kicks she delivered with the pointed toes of her stiletto heels; the bastinado which wouldn't end until the slave could control his screaming; the extended face-sitting scene interspersed with worshipful kisses to her perfect bottom; the way she used a slave's fetish against him, teasing him with her leather boots while beating him with increasingly heavy canes; and the cool, calculating destruction of a slave through hand slaps alone. Right hand, left hand, back hand, spitting on his face to make it sting more, then increasing the pain again through the application of rubber gloves - her deliberate and focused attack was spellbinding to behold.

From the photos below, can you guess which scenario will capture your mind above all others?



American Mayhem in London

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

If our newest Femme Fatale, Ms Mara Mayhem, looks familiar to you, I'm not surprised. Aside from being active in her native Chicago's fetish scene, she recently performed at the SMack! Fetish Ball in NYC, and was given a seven-page feature in Hustler's Taboo Magazine's "best of" issue. So, how does one entertain such a lady when she comes to London Town?

First of all, she landed on her feet at Femme Fatale Madame Caramel's luxurious Hoxton Dungeon Suite. Next, Divine Mistress Heather took the role of Femme Fatale's ambassador, bringing along three of our best slaves. What came next was inevitable: mayhem! As you can see below, Mistress Mara and Mistress Heather did, well, pretty much whatever they wanted to these boys. On this occasion that consisted of food play, spitting, shoe and foot worship, trampling, ball busting, nipple torment, CBT, CP, humiliation, and a strap-on spit roast.

I'd like to think that we at Femme Fatale Films along with Ambassador Heather Divine, in meeting with Ms Mara Mayhem, have done our part to forge a greater understanding and bond between our two nations. In fact, things went so swimmingly with these ladies in charge, I think the politicians of the world should take a few notes (but not whilst in session - that would be annoying).


Divine Mistress Heather Rides Again!

By Webslave

We are delighted to announce that Divine Mistress Heather will be gracing Femme Fatale Films again soon, lubing her strap-on for action...


Double Vision

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

This December I teamed up with Femme Fatales Mistress Akella and Mistress Athena for some particularly wicked double domination scenes. If you like sadistic blondes, then you're in for a treat. To start off, in Thirsty for Spit, Mistress Akella and I strap a slaveboy to a steel bondage chair, rendering him helpless, breathless, and very, very wet.

Mistress Akella then set about recording some powerful solo scenes. In Gimp Caning, the newbie slave's attitude gets adjusted. This idiot seemed to think he was there to have his fetish tickled, rather than to serve a lifestyle dominatrix. The "caning game" script was swiftly thrown out as Mistress Akella lost her patience and took control, correcting his misunderstanding of what female dominance is about. You get to see Mistress Akella genuinely angry - a  thrill best enjoyed from a safe distance! 

In Spread your Legs, the vicious kicks to the slave's balls echo around the room, along with his cries and Mistress Akella's laughter.

Highly Strung is a particularly intense film, where the helplessness of an inverted whipping has the slave a quivering wreck, as terror meets subspace head-on. After we cut him down, the slave's pupils were blown with fear as he shivered on the floor. When he was finally able to speak through his chattering teeth, the first word to cross his lips was "amazing".

In the Filth and the Fury, Mistress Athena and I drag a slave out into the woods, then have him clean clots of mud from our beautiful boots: mine, classic leather field boots; hers, gleaming rubber Hunter Wellingtons. While were at it, we heaped on the humiliation, spit, and ash. To top it all off, Mistress Athena and I recorded Thrashing, where you see the two of us at our most gleefully sadistic, doubling over laughing as we take the slave to pieces. These films are all due for release soon. Enjoy!


The House of Rubber Wrongness Part 5; I Get My Kicks

By Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Of course, I wouldn’t be satisfied with just watching. Lady Sophia and I had previously discussed doing a ballbusting scene together, and I was very excited about this. Our enjoyment of ballbusting - using our beautiful, feminine shoes and feet to inflict suffering upon the very centre of maleness and that problematic hormone, testosterone – is both vital and vicious.

Despite the savagery all comers knew would be involved, we had no shortage of volunteers. Lady Sophia and I selected a slave known to both of us. He had always been reliable and is known in the UK ballbusting scene as “iron balls” for good reason. Honestly, he was the only one I thought could take it. Well, even he lost his nerve, cancelling the day before the shoot.

Fortunately, this revealed itself to be a case of "one door shuts so another may open", as something unexpected and wonderful happened. Slave I, whose only hard limit was ballbusting, stepped forward. I am always very moved when a slave feels that in my presence he can overcome what were his preconceived limits. I am sure that the proximity of the beautiful and imperative Lady Sophia only aided his personal growth in this regard.

Following on from that high, the evening reached its completion in a rubber bondage scene with the exquisitely wicked Lady Lola. I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves. It was a long, mad day. By the end of the evening the penthouse looked like a nuclear bomb of perversion had hit it. There were whips strewn everywhere, pools of sweat, piles of rubber and rope, a mysterious pair of pretty leather gloves which seemed to have appeared from nowhere... and one very spent Mistress, namely me. I would like extend my thanks to all of the ladies for their masterful (Mistressful!) work, to the slaves for their delightful suffering, and to Sir S for being the most generous of hosts.